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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Highlights from the past 3 months

I won't include everything that's happened these last 3 months, but here are some of my favorite moments: NOT BEING PREGNANT! (as much as I liked the first 33 weeks, the last 5 weeks weren't so much fun), moving from newborn stage to infant (I liked the newborn stage, but it's so much better when they start to interact and don't just lay there!), being able to get out and about, meeting Reid's only cousin Natalee, bathtime, first time "swimming", and of course smiling! But, everytime I try to take a picture of him smiling the digital camera delay misses it (it doesn't miss the crying face though!) My not so favorite moments: getting shots (yes, both of us!), crying for no apparent reason (me in the first 3 weeks -gotta love those hormones- and now Reid), and sleepless nights (which at least is getting better). Even though there are some not so favorite moments, I love being a mother and wouldn't trade those moments for anything.

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