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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our Friends

Reid and I are having so much fun with our friends! We love to get together and hang out. I'm really enjoying getting good advice from other moms and getting to know new friends. I'm looking forward to watching the babies grow up together and begin to actually play together!

All the babies - 5 boys and 1 sweet girl

Our friends - Amanda and Hudson, Brooke and Wyatt, Summer and Blake, Emily and Cole, and Nicole and Chloe

Reid with his friend Quinn Poe

The mommies to be - Dena and Hudson, Kara with a baby boy? girl?, and Amy with a baby boy (the name's a secret and we can't wait to hear it!)

Brittney and Quinn; Reid and me - the boys can't wait for the rest of their friends to join us - see above picture :)


The Coach's Wife said...

Hey Meredith,
I found your blog through Brittney's. It's so good to catch up with you and see your handsome little boy! Where are you all living now? We just moved to Garland, Keri is coaching and and I'm staying at home with our 2 year old daughter Addie and expecting another baby in December! I'd love to catch up with you sometime!
Natalie (Brown)
natandkeri @ yahoo

Poefam said...

Such sweet pics...look at our precious little guys "playing" together! I can't wait until they really do play...won't that be fun! And, I'm sad I missed the big play date for Baby time I'll have to join ya! Can't wait to see you!!!