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Thursday, July 19, 2007

4 Months So Far

Reid's 4th month has already been a busy one! We had his 4 month appointment and Reid weighed almost 15 pounds, and was almost 27 inches. He's average in his weight and head circumference, but above average in height. The pediatrician thinks he will be a tall boy - we hope so! He took his shots like a champ, but had a mild reaction to them the next day. He hasn't been sick yet, but we had a taste of how sad it is when your little baby doesn't feel well! The doctor also told us to start rice cereal 2 times a day. I have to base if we'll have rice cereal or not that day on Reid's disposition at the time - if he's happy then the rice cereal works great, but if he's just so hungry, he does not want the rice cereal! It's also really funny because he wants to hold the spoon. Also in this 4th month Reid met his other great-grandfather, Big Bob. We all went to eat at Sammy's - my FAVORITE barbecue place. And, FINALLY Reid has started sleeping through the night! (...I don't want to jinx it...) He'll do 8-10 hours. And the best piece of news for last, Reid's friend has arrived! Tanner Mark Wilson was born on Sunday, July 15 to proud parents Kara and Shane Wilson - I'll have pictures soon.


Hillary Kouba said...

He is tall! I just took Katelyn for her 12 month and she was 29 inches (50th percentile). Good luck with the cereal and soon baby food. It takes patience but Katelyn did very well with it.

Natalie said...

What a handsome little guy!