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Sunday, August 5, 2007

On the Menu Today...

Peas and Toes! Yes - we've started "real" solids (toes are just what he has recently discovered that he likes to bring to his mouth). The doctor said to start at 5 months, which Reid will be tomorrow, and I was too excited to wait, so we began today with peas. Matt, of course, wanted to start him on meat but I told him no way! There's a whole process of foods to go through before we even begin to think about meat. I had the camera ready to get that first shot of his mouth curling into a "what the heck is this?" expression only to find that he didn't! He ate it like it was nothing new! Maybe he'll be like his mama and just like all food. I started off by giving him half of the peas, but he finished that half and wanted more so I gave him the rest of it. He finished off with a full session of nursing! He must have been a hungry boy! (This will be out of time order, but we had a fantastic time over at the Conger's house on Saturday night for the Spring Babies BBQ and I'll be blogging about that soon!)

First Bite - Not too bad!

Mmmm- give me some more!

I love to suck on my fingers at the same time as I take a bite of food!

I'm a happy boy! I've got a full stomach - now it's time for "finger food!"

and maybe some toes while we're at it...(Lilly can't figure out what is going on!)


Nicole said...

too cute!!! :) i love the picture of him nibbling his toes.

Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

Love the toes! How precious!

Jessica & Matt said...

Wow! It seems like just the other day, you were walking your little puppy dog, and I saw you, but couldn't even tell you were pregnant! I can't believe Reid is eating real food already! He's a doll!