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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fun at Kara's

We hung out at Kara's house on Friday - her last day at home before returning to work on Monday. I brought a movie, popcorn cake and of course Reid. Brittney and Quinn and Dena and Hudson were also there. We turned the movie (Knocked Up) on, but ended up talking the whole time. We had such a great time relaxing, and I enjoyed talking over watching the movie - even though I still want to see that movie!

Reid, Tanner and Quinn playing with Quinn's Clarence the Caterpillar - they all loved it!

Quinn, Tanner, Reid and Hudson posing with Clarence

Tanner and Reid


Nicole said...

I can't believe how big Tanner is getting! Such a cutie pie. I love Reid's outfit too...:)

The Wilson Family said...

What a fun day! We were so happy to hang out with you on our "last day!" Tanner just loves you and Reid SO MUCH, and we feel so blessed to have you as best friends!!! Thanks for being there for me this week! Your support has helped so much!