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Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Halloween

Last night we took Reid in his spider costume around to see some friends in the neighborhood before we handed out candy to all the trick or treaters at our house. We stopped by Amy Carroll's house to see Porter and we also got to meet sweet Zayne, a 5 month old son of a friend of theirs. Thanks Amy for the fabulous pictures you got of our little animals!

Heading out to see friends

Stopping by the Carroll's house
Reid, Zayne, Porter

The mommies with their little animals!


Ashley said...

Too fun, I loved halloween this year! Thanks for posting the fun pics- I'm not a big spider fan but I sure do like your spider!

TeamRiss said...

Those kids are so stinkin' adorable!

Nicole said...

So cute!!! Fabulous pictures of the sweetest lil spider ever! His buds are pretty precious too.

Anonymous said...

Reid wore the exact some comstume as Zach. Spiders are the coolest!Great minds think alike!