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Thursday, November 15, 2007

We love walking (and talking)!

Kara and I met a couple years ago at our school where we both taught, and then became running buddies and trained for the 2005 White Rock half marathon. She is now one of my best friends and it is so fun that our boys are only 4 months apart! We don't run too much anymore, but we sure love to walk together! Today we bundled the boys up, took our pics and then went walking. I was trying to get them to smile, but if you look at their facial expressions, you can see just how "funny" they think I am! :) Just like when we ran together, we talk the entire time
while we walk, and we somehow never run out of words.

"My mom sure does make weird faces"

"Ok, maybe we'll humor her, make her think she's funny"


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

They look so cute in their hats. Gotta love the cooler weather!

Hillary Kouba said...

Hey Meredith,
Chris is actually on staff at Prestonwood. He is the young Marrieds Minister. we would love for you to join us this weekend. You should come and try out our class at 11:00. It's called Real Life (we all meet as a group with most of the young marrieds for announcements and then break off into individual classes). Most of the couples in there are around our age and have 1 or 2 kids. Chris used to teach a newly married class called Starting Right but he has pulled himself out of there to be more availble to all the other classes. I go back and forth between both classes but am mostly in the Real Life Class. I am going to go to church tonight so I will only be there for the 11:00 hour in the morning but I would love to meet you in the atrium (the maine entrance) if that works. We can drop off the kids togther and then head to class. Let me know if that sounds good. My cell is 214-769-2206 so feel free to call if you want to meet! Hopefully we will see you tomorrow!