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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Tour

Warning: Long post ahead...

One of my friends (Natalie) gave a "blog tour" for her 100th post. I thought it was so cool reading about all of her friends! I was going to wait until my 100th post, but #85 works for me. I'm feeling a little lazy now, so I'm not going to hyperlink each person. But, I'm going in alphabetical order from my list on the right. Since there's not really any other sidebars to tour, I'll just stick to how I know each person. Also, I feel truly blessed to have had each person's contribution in my life and I'm so thankful that I can share in this "mommy" journey with you! I feel like while I'm at it, I must let my friends who don't blog know that I am so blessed because of each of you too!!!

Alli and Chapman- Alli went to Baylor and we knew each other through mutual friends and through education classes. While at Baylor I always think of Alli with a smile on her face - and she still always wears that smile today! It's so fun to have reconnected through our playgroup (other members- Amy/Porter, Kara/Tanner, Brittney/Quinn and Dena/Hudson).

Amanda and Hudson- Amanda also went to Baylor and we were Pi Phis there together. She hasn't changed from her Baylor days - she is still the most bubbly, cute, and kind person! She and Hudson are a part of the Spring Babies group and I'm so thankful to have her as a good "mom" friend!

Amber and Bryson- Amber and I taught at the same elementary school just down the hall from one another. Since she was due in March, we went through last school year being preggo together. We also bonded through sharing some of the same students (she teaches 3rd, I taught 4th). I really admire how she's able to be a good teacher and a good mom!!!

Amy and Porter- Amy lives in my neighborhood and we became friends before either one of us was pregnant. We just clicked instantly and she is such a neat person to know! She's always passing on cool tips and websites, and she's so resourceful with her ideas for Porter! (ie...putting a box fan outside his room to drown out noise...)

Ashley and Avery- Ashley and I go back to our freshman/sophomore year in college when we met through mutual friends. She is one of the most fun people to be around and she is the epitome of being a good friend! Everyone who meets her loves her and she makes everybody feel so welcome! Her husband and my husband were fraternity brothers and good friends, so they're also a part of our "college" group of friends who we hang out with.

Brandy, Tate, Emmy - Brandy and I go way back to our high school days where we were on drill team together. She also went to Baylor, majored in education, and then taught in Allen. When I was looking for a teaching job in Allen, I noticed that she taught in one of the elementary schools and so because of that I interviewed at that school and also taught there. She is such a sweet person and since we don't teach together anymore I love staying updated about her life with the twins from her blog!

Brittney and Quinn- Brittney and I also met at Baylor through education classes and because she happened to live next door to Matt in an apartment complex. After college, we randomly met again at a bridal shop where I was picking up my dress and she was trying them on! After that, when I started teaching at a new school in Allen, the faculty had a "get to know each other" mixer, and who was there? Brittney!! We've gotten to be good friends and it's so fun that Quinn and Reid are just a few weeks apart! She's one of the most creative people I know and I love getting ideas about everything from her.

Carrie, Jackson, and Ella (a beautful new addition to the family!) - Carrie and I met at the New Employee orientation for Allen ISD and it was there that we discovered that we lived in the same neighborhood. We reconnected a few months after that, and clicked immediately. I always say that she is my first friend who I saw go through being pregnant, and now Jackson is almost 3 years old! She has been such a great friend and we always have such a good time together! We are so sad that they moved out of our neighborhood because they were more than just neighbors.

Claire and Zach - Claire married one of Matt's fraternity brothers so we met through them, but she's also a best friend of my big sis in Pi Phi. Claire gave me great sleeping advice for Reid that worked for her and Zach! She's such a sweet person and I always enjoy talking to her.

Courtney and Chloe- Courtney went to Baylor and is married to one of Matt's fraternity brothers so we met through our husbands. She's in my "college friends" playgroup. When I think of Courtney, I think of stylish! Whether it's her clothes or her house, she has an eye for design. I'm so impressed with her sense of style - her house looks like it should be featured in an interior design magazine!

Dena and Hudson - I met Dena through Kara when we put together a playgroup. Dena is such a beautful person inside and out. She's so put together and poised but also genuinely kind. I've really enjoyed getting to know her!

Emily and Cole - Emily is a part of the Spring Babies group and the word I would use to describe her is cool. She's so adventurous and is always up for a good time. She's also one who will celebrate with you when your child does something you think is neat. :)

Hillary and Katelyn - Hillary was in my Pledge class at Baylor and we've reconnected through the blog world. I ran into her at church and she's just as composed and sweet as she was at Baylor. I love being able to stay updated on their life and can't wait to hear how it is with two babies!

Jazen, Clayton, and Cooper - I met Jazen through Carrie and she is such a reliable, dependable friend. She's the one who all of us other moms go to for advice on child-rearing. Jazen is also a fun person to be with. I always enjoy hanging out with her!

Kara and Tanner - Kara and I met a couple years ago at the elementary school where we both taught, and became great friends when we trained for a half-marathon together. Before teaching together, people who knew us both kept telling us about the other and how we'd really get along great - and we did! It's like we've been friends forever. Kara is loved by all because of her friendly personality and fun spirit! I'm so thankful for her friendship and know we will be friends for life.

Kelly and Noah - Kelly married a fraternity brother of Matt's and so we met through them. We haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together, but when we have, she is one of the easiest people to talk to. She has a beautiful smile and is so open that she makes you feel like you've known her forever!

Leslie and the boys- Leslie and I were Pi Phis at Baylor together and our husbands were fraternity brothers. Leslie is so inspiring! She is able to handle so much on her plate and shine through with grace and perseverance. She's also a part of my college friends playgroup and Spring Babies playgroup. It's been so fun to have boys so close in age - maybe one day we'll be dropping them all off at Penland Dormitory at Baylor :)

Natalie and Lily - Natalie is a Baylor friend. Our parents go way back and were friends at Baylor, and I know my parents think very highly of her parents. The apple does not fall far from the tree! Natalie is a kind, witty, godly person. I like to keep updated on her life and cute little girl through the blog.

Natalie, Addie, and Doak - Natalie and I became good friends at Baylor when we were assigned to a shared field experience in the big Curriculum class for Education majors. We spent many evenings at different apartments working on our assignments for the class! I believe she even started dating her husband during this time. We also spent a year together doing a teaching internship at an elementary school in Waco. It's been so fun reconnecting through blogs!

Nicole and Chloe - Nicole is in the Spring Babies group and she is mom to the girl that all of the boys in the group will be fighting over because she is so darn cute! Nicole is always the perfect hostess. She makes sure everyone feels welcome, prepares delicious lunches, and I always enjoy talking with her!

Summer and Blake - Summer is also a part of the Spring Babies group, and she went to Baylor as well (but we didn't meet until after college). I really enjoy sharing in "mommy moments" with Summer - she has such a great sense of humor! Her blog is so witty too and I love reading it.

The Dixon 7- Liz and I go way back to 6th grade. When we realized that both of our families were moving to Southlake, we became great friends. We've reconnected again through our blogs and I'm amazed by her strength and faith! You should definitely take some time to read her story - you will be inspired and awed. I still need to meet her precious children!!!


Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Thanks for the tour, Meredith! It's so great to know how you know everyone ... all those blogs I like to check now and then! :)

ironsce07 said...

Very sweet, I enjoyed reading this post!

Leslie said...

That is such a great idea. And the kind words. You are such a sweet friend Meredith. Hope to see you again one day!

Nicole said...

what a creative post!!! you have a very, long long list of blog friends!!! i definitely had fun reading about how you know everyone.

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

so neat...thank you for your kind words! we are so lucky to have y'all as our friends! we hope to see you soon. thanks for explaining everyone! loved it!

Ashley said...

Mere- I SO enjoyed that and now I'm motivated, who knows maybe I'll get around to a "blog tour" one of these days. Thank you for your sweet words- they meant a lot to me :-) Miss you lot my friend.

The Wilson Family said...

Mere, You are so sweet... I absolutely loved reading about everyone. I know that we will for sure be friends for life!!! Tanner & I are so blessed by your friendship! Love you, girl! :)

Poefam said...

So sweet! I love it! And, I had TOTALLY forgotten about running into you at the bridal shop! So fun!!! :)

Donnell Days said...

What a neat post! You are so sweet...I have loved getting to know you too! :)

TeamRiss said...

Ok- you're a big rockstar. And thanks for saying I'm cool; at least someone thinks so. See y'all soon, coolio.

The Christiansons said...

how fun! thanks for the sweet words! hope to see ya'll soon!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Kelli said...

You are so sweet Meredith! Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed reading about all your friends!