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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kara's House

Kara had playgroup over at her house on Monday and like always, we had a fabulous time hanging out. It's so fun watching the babies grow older - it seems like each one of them changes so much each 2 weeks. Quinn brought his "lovey" and Reid was pretty envious so what did he do? Went up to Quinn and just took it out of his hands. (This won't be so cute in a couple years, but until then, we just laugh). Quinn did not like that one bit so as soon as he could he grabbed it back. I guess I better find a golf ball for Reid!

Reid loves Annie!

chapman, reid, hudson, tanner

Reid also liked Quinn's cool shoes (one of them is in Reid's left hand)

Reid loves Quinn's "lovey" and wants one of his own!

Quinn's not sure what to think!


Nicole said...

What an explorer! :) He does loves those Bah's doesn't he???

The Wilson Family said...

Thank you so much for coming over!!! We had so much fun with you! Can't wait for next time!