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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Play Day!

Alli and Chapman hosted playgroup on Monday and Reid and I had so much fun! We really missed Kara and Tanner who couldn't be there. The weather was so nice outside so we took the boys out for a picture. Reid is much more interested in everything going on around him than the camera! It's also getting harder to actually talk to my friends because I'm following Reid around. They're also busy watching their babies so we decided that a girls' night is definitely in order.
It's hard to keep Reid and Quinn on their stomachs for long - they just want to crawl away!

I think all the boys found something that caught their interest more than the mommies trying everything to get them to look our way

The "something" that caught Reid's interest...

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Nicole said...

so adorable...they look like smaller versions of the Little Rascals! :)