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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter '08

Easter Sunday we were planning on going to church, but Reid had just gotten over a cold and we were leaving for Mexico the next day and we didn't want him sick while we were gone, so we ended up not going. Nevertheless we dressed him up in his cute Easter outfit and went over to my parent's house for lunch. I didn't have an Easter basket for him (gasp!) but I knew that my mom did...the Easter Bunny will visit our house next year! I love that the Easter Bunny still visits all of us too! I hope that never stops. It was cold (dejavu Easter '07) so we did a little Easter Egg hunt inside.

Easter '07 - Reid was a month

Easter '08 - Reid is 12 months

The Easter Bunny visited Mimi and Pops' house!

Egg Hunt - Reid realizes that there are little treats in the eggs! Goldfish and animal crackers!


Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

Too cute! It is amazing how much they change! Bryson was about two weeks old at Easter last year. He looks so different!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

It's amazing how fast they grow! He is too cute and you looked amazing then and now!=) I am glad you had a great Easter!