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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Reid's Day

What a year! I wonder if each year just flies by as fast as this one did. It's amazing how much growth is made, developmentally and physically, in a baby's first year. Reid has gone from a sleepy newborn... a walking, "talking," toddler.

Having a child is truly witnessing a miracle from God. Reid is such a special gift and Matt and I look forward to watching him grow even more.

Reid's one-year old info:
teeth: 10 teeth that I know of (6 on top, 4 on bottom)

likes: bananas, books, ducks, balls, playing, walking, climbing stairs, getting into anything that he's not supposed to, Lilly, baths, exploring

dislikes: taking naps, having whatever he's not supposed to be getting into taken away, getting a diaper change (although it has gotten much better), being held when he wants to walk, getting his nose wiped and face cleaned

words: duck - "duh", ball- "bah", dada, mama, uh-oh

sleeping: 7 to 7 (took 9 months to get there, but halleluiah we made it!)/ 2 naps a day lasting anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours

I had grand plans of getting out today, but God had other plans for the weather on Reid's birthday:

So we just stayed in and enjoyed the warmth of the heater. Reid's special birthday dinner was frito chili pie - which he loved. My grand plans included making a carrot cake (recipe found at the back of What to Expect the First Year, which BTW has some other great recipes for babies/toddlers), but since I couldn't get out, I ended up making Berry Bread since I had all the ingredients on hand. We're having a family birthday party this Saturday and he'll have a real cake then, but I felt like he needed some kind of treat on his birthday.

Eyeing his dinner

Time for dessert!

Our birthday gifts to Reid included his new carseat, and a bathtub of his own. The kitchen sink has been a good bathtub for his first year. (and, I did clean it every night before he had his bath, and I didn't use that side for dishes because I know that sinks carry a lot of germs).

Thank you so much to our friends and family for making this first year so special to Matt, me, and Reid. We really value all of your friendships and have enjoyed the new ones that we've made. I am also so excited to have made "blogger" friends and enjoy being able to get to know you through your posts. Thank you too for all the sweet comments. I really appreciate all the good wishes!


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

Such great gifts!!! Reid is absolutely precious and we can't believe he already one!! We are excited to celebrate many more years with yall!!! Have fun this weekend at the party! We can't wait to see pictures!!

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

What a great birthday!! Reid will LOVE the carseat and the tub ... so fun! I still can't believe the boys are all turning one ... wow. Can't wait to see ya'll Monday at the Arboretum (as long as it's not SNOWING!) ... :)

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

correction: boys plus Chloe!

Leslie said...

Glad Reid had such a special day. How was it for you? I'm still dreading it for some reason.

Northcutt Family said...

You're funny Les! Are you dreading it b/c the boys are getting older and you're sad to leave each stage behind? I'm always excited to move to the next age! :)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, Reid!!! Special message from Noah: "hhhhhhhhhhhhh
hhhhhkkjkjihihkn" I think it means happy birthday. :)

The Rowe Crew said...

What a SWEET day of memories :o) God made it such a beautiful day just for you :o)

Happy Birthday Reid! Emerson loved looking at your video yesterday and can't wait to mee you!

Leslie said...

Well that's a good attitude. I just don't want them to get older but they are more fun now than ever and I hear that only gets better. I'll try to adopt your philosophy!

Nicole said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REID! You are such a cute little guy... Glad you #1 was fun. Loved the pics from your bday dinner in your bday suit!!! Too cute...

Natalie, Stephen and Bennett said...

Happy Birthday Reid!!!

charity said...

Your mom just shared the Northcutt Blog with us and we loved meeting Reid! Love and lots of kisses, Charity, Loa Ellen and Sally (we have loved your mom since we were 0 years old. Our older brothers and sisters were friends so we met before we were born!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith,
Happy 1st Birthday to Reid. It looks like he had a great birthday party. I enjoy reading your blog. Your stories are so funny. Kevin and I decided that Abby should be at home with me so I'm at home now. We should plan to get together one day during the week so you & Reid can meet Abby and Abby can meet Reid.