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Friday, April 4, 2008

A Day in the life of a 13 month old...and his mama

I always love seeing the days of other moms, so I thought I'd document an average, low-key day for Reid and me. We didn't have anything going on today, so it would be a good day to do so! Also, we normally get out everyday, but with the weather being so chilly we had a day indoors! This post ended up longer and more detailed than I thought when I started the day and there are tons of pictures!!! Just a warning! :)

7:00 - Matt decided to sleep in this morning so we are both awakened by Reid's happy morning sounds. However, we were not quite ready to get up so we just let him talk in his crib for about 45 minutes. Reid must have dozed off and on during that time because he wasn't talking the whole time.
7:45 - Matt and I rushed up the stairs - we always try to beat the other one to the top because we each want to the be the first one in Reid's room. Matt won this time (well, he usually wins - at least I let him win...) This is one my most favorite times of day - walking in his room when he first wakes up! I pick him up, change his dirty diaper, and then he always wants to walk over to his books. He has become quite the book lover! I really hope this doesn't change.

7:54 - Breakfast. Reid eats his banana while I fix his oatmeal - this is what he eats everyday. It's a great breakfast and he loves it. For the oatmeal: I take 1/3 cup Quaker old-fashioned oats, 1/3 cup whole milk, a Reid-spoon-size amount of brown sugar; mix it all together; microwave for 1 min. and 15 secs. Stir; add a little more milk; let cool down. By the time Reid is finished with the banana, he's ready for some oatmeal. He loves this meal! When he's finished, we both say goodbye to "Dada" - Reid's current fave word - and I eat some breakfast of my own.

Lilly's spot whenever Reid eats - under the high chair!

8:20 - Independent playtime in the BAP (baby amusement park) while I clean the kitchen. He and Lilly are really starting to love playing together! They'll wrestle. :) I quickly throw on some work-out clothes because we are going to go walking with our friends Amy and Porter Carroll.

9:40 - We leave to meet Amy and Porter half-way. It's a little bit chillier than I thought! Glad I have 2 blankets to cover up Reid! Amy and I decide we're going to walk to the new Starbucks which is only about a mile and a half away. However, we go the long way and it ends up taking us an hour to get there! We were determined to have our coffee! Luckily the boys were happy in their strollers, all bundled up. Reid ended up taking his morning nap while we were walking. We warmed up with our drinks and the boys had fun posing for pics. We discussed the route we would be taking home and decided to jog. This time it only took us 20-25 minutes to get back. What a work-out!

11:57 - Returned home - I can't believe it's already lunchtime! I fix Reid a hodge-podge lunch of roasted sweet potatoes from the night before, turkey, cheese, cantaloupe, strawberries, bread, and canned mixed veggies. He didn't eat all of this - he loved the sweet potatoes, cheese (no surprise - this child could live on cheese alone), turkey, a couple bites of cantaloupe and strawberry, and none of the mixed veggies. My mom discovered that Reid will drink more of his milk if we mix it with a yogurt drink, so that's what I'll give him when he's finished eating his lunch. While he eats, I eat as well.

12:40 - I put him in the BAP while I clean the kitchen, again.

12:50 - I finally put Reid in some clothes!! It's time to play with some bubbles! Porter gave the playgroup boys a cool bubble set with an extra long bubble wand. Reid (and Lilly) love watching them fall to the ground, although Reid was also interested in the liquid in the bubble tube.

1:10 - Reid plays some more with his toys while I finish cleaning the kitchen.

1:35 - Reid is ready to get out of his play area and wander around! He loves exploring and walks all around the downstairs. He's really into opening and closing doors, and putting stuff in Lilly's crate which is currently in the dining room.

1:55 - I take him upstairs for a nap. We read The Big Red Barn, one of his favorites, and then we play a little. I have come to love this time! He sits on my lap facing me and he'll touch my nose, touch my teeth, play with my hair and tries to get me to laugh which causes him to laugh. I lay him down at 2:10. Since his morning nap was not very long and spent in a stroller, he is extra tired! He only talks for about 5 minutes before all is quiet. While he's napping I pick up, finish reading my People magazine, and catch up on blogs.
This has become Lilly's nap spot during the day - so why should I make our bed everyday? It would just take away her comfy place...I couldn't do that to her!

4:18 - I hear a little man waking up! I give it about 5 minutes before I go up. Good afternoon!

4:45 - The weather has turned out to be a lot better than it was this morning, and I try to take Lilly on a walk everyday, so Reid and I head back out. Lilly's glad to get to go on a walk :)

5:15 - Return home; feed Lilly. Head to Walgreens to pick up a prescription. I love that Reid is facing front now! I love being able to turn around and talk to him. I think he's really liking it too.

5:49 - Begin dinner - meat muffins, roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus, and broccoli. Reid is happy in the play area for a little while, but then wants out and just wants to be held.

6:30 - Dinner's ready! I thought he would enjoy this dinner but by the time it was ready he was hungry and wasn't wanting to try anything new, so he just ate a Lil' Entree by Graduates. He didn't eat that much though...oh well.
I had a plate ready for Reid! This is what I wanted him to eat...

7:00 - Play around with daddy

7:30 - Bath time!

7:45 - Up to Reid's room where we read Goodnight Moon.

7:55 - Off to dream land! Now, I can blog! That is after I clean the kitchen, again!!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I document our boring, ordinary day! :)


Natalie said...

Fun-I love reading about other people's normal days!

Jamie&Landry said...

Wow - that's a GREAT ordinary day!! I love your meal ideas, I totally need to be more creative although I can't get brooke to eat meat or cheese. I love the pics - he is so precious & looks so much like his Daddy in that pic! Wish we lived closer...I would LOVE to walk to starbucks with you guys! :)

Hollie said...

I loved this post! I love reading how other people live their days! It looks like Reid had a fun day (maybe not the cleaning the kitchen part 10 times for you...but I have learned that it's gotta get done!)

What a sweet boy!!

The Rowe Crew said...

Ooh, I love it! I love reading about other folk's days and getting ideas for us :o)! Reid is a doll!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

Looks like y'all have a fun time! Reid is lucky to have such a fun mom like you! I am going to try mixing the milk with one of the yogurt drinks! Great idea! Thanks for letting us see what a day is like for y'all! So neat!

Porter Carroll said...

Your day was not boring at all! We had so much fun going to Starbucks with you! Porter was in heaven being outside for two hours and I felt so accomplished since we had a long workout! We love you guys~
Amy and Porter

Nicole said...

he is getting so big! yes...gotta love ordinary days and how many times we clean that darn kitchen... it kills me!!! ;o)

Emily said...

Reid looks so grown up. He is really cute Meredith! Hope you guys are doing well!

The Wilson Family said...

What a fun day! I loved reading all about it!!!! :) Such a sweet little boy!

Poefam said...

So cute! I love it! Wasn't documenting it more exhausting than you thought it would be!? I remember thinking that when I did it! :)

Donnell Days said...

What a fun day! I love this idea!

Leslie said...

Your day is so much like ours. Except I don't have a fun friend or neighborhood to walk in. Hopefully that will change soon. I think our boys are on the exact same schedule if you ever want to keep the boys!!! :)

Dunhams said...

I love reading these! Someday I'll get around to doing one too :) Very impressive that you went on so many walks/jogs and kept your kitchen're a pro!

Sharee Forman said...

It's so fun to see what's in a typical day for a mom...lots to look forward to, I can't wait! You are a GREAT mom!!

Hillary Kouba said...

Great idea for a post although I'm still trying to figure out a good schedule for both girls. I have one on paper but our day never turns out the way it's supposed to. I like the morning walk idea. So many days we are cooped up inside and it would be nice to get out once in a while!

TeamRiss said...

That is a great account! Fabulous and I hear you about getting outside more than once- the outdoors is awesome.