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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burgers, Beer and Milk

Thank you so much Kara and Shane for hosting a wonderful cook-out! We all had so much fun hanging out with everyone - Kara, Shane, & Tanner, and Brittney, Matt & Quinn. (The rest of the playgroup couldn't make it, but we're definitely doing this again and look forward to the next time!) There were burgers for all, beer for the men, and milk for the babies. The girls had our own special drink complete with fun summer stirrers (that ended up being confiscated by 3 curious babies). Kara had a little baby pool that Reid was only interested in once the water was out, but Quinn and Tanner had a great time playing - until Tanner started splashing around and Quinn didn't really like that. The babies were so cute playing together and we were so glad that the daddies could be there too!

Reid was perfectly happy sitting outside the baby pool

Tanner and Quinn - I believe that Tanner had started his splashing :)

Reid has been really into pushing things - stroller, wagon, etc. - we also decided that he's sporting the latest fashion of low-riding board shorts

Dancing to the fun music

Reid loves to share...and then take it right back

Everybody has a ball!

Reid giving his good buddy a hug

Thanks Brittney for actually catching a picture of my little guy smiling! :)

The daddies and babies


The Wilson Family said...

Oh my gosh- what a FUN evening! Thank you so much for coming over and for your DELISH dessert- I need that recipe! All 3 of us had the best time with you guys and we can't wait to do it again!
BTW- I am cracking up so hard at the picture of Reid with his low-riding board shorts!!!!! And, I absolutely love the precious picture Brittney took of Reid close up. He is so stinking cute! Love ya!

The Penuels said...

So cute!! I was so sad we had to miss...we will definitely be at the next BBQ :)