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Friday, May 2, 2008


Reid and I met up with our friends, Terry and Maggie (who is 1 month younger than Reid) and did a free trial class at Gymboree. It was so much fun! Gymboree is the perfect exploring place for Reid. He loved it - although he was more interested in just walking on the mats than doing the planned activity which was crawling through tunnels. He did enjoy playing with his friend Maggie who has such a happy personality and is always smiling!

Terry and Maggie

Me and Reid

Maggie and Reid playing

Reid climbed up this slide! I don't think it was as slick as most slides and so he was able to grip better with his toes.


Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Fun! I have really been wanting to do one of these classes w/ Blake ... especially this summer. Are you going to sign up? Hope you have a great weekend!

Sharee Forman said...

So funny to see Terry on your blog! She told me you knew each other from Anderson maybe? I teach AIM too and she's been such a help for me this year! Such a small world. :)