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Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, we're in that phase where Reid knows what he wants, but lets me know mostly by grunts - especially when it comes to food! I decided that it was probably a good time to start teaching him to at least say please before his grunts! :) So I've been working on the "more" and "please" signs with him. At first, whenever I'd ask him what he wanted, he'd rub his hands together - a combination of the "more" sign and the "please" sign, but now he's actually doing the "more" sign, and rubbing his hands together for "please." It's so funny to see! My only issue now is that he'll do this whenever he wants anything - so I just have to figure out what it is! (Although, 99% of the time it's snacks!)


Collegegirl said...

How can you resist it when he asks for more snacks? What a cutie!

Team Carroll said...

How precious!! Reid is such a cutie!! Happy belated birthday and anniversary!!

Donnell Days said... cute!!!! I do signs every day with Hudson...good to know that maybe one day he'll do them back! :)

Nicole said...

omg...he is so cute!