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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What we've been up to...

Reid and I have been busy this last week and a half! A few things that Reid has started doing - CLIMBING on anything and everything that he can get his little legs over, and I think that he has started saying his first phrase/sentence - "Hieeee Ditty" (it makes me realize that whenever we see Lilly, my voice gets higher and I really drag out the "hi")...of course he doesn't say "hi" by itself, just to say it to Lilly, so it makes me wonder, do I count this as a phrase? or is he thinking that "hi Lilly" is one word? But, just today he started saying, "Hieee baby," and "Hieee Mimi" so that also makes me think that I can count it as a phrase?

Here's what we've been up to:

Tuesday: Swim Lessons (I'll post pictures later)

Thursday: Swimming at Summer's neighborhood pool - it was such a nice community pool!

Reid, Blake, Wyatt, Madeline - happy with snacks

Friday: We played at the Stonebriar Mall play center with some friends and rode the carousel for the first time, (Reid, however, was not a fan of riding the horses!)

Saturday: We celebrated one of Reid's besties, Tanner's, first birthday. Kara really did such a fabulous job with the party! It was so much fun for everyone! The theme was Surfing and it turned out great. Check out her blog for pics.

The cake table with the party favors in the back

Sweet Tanner pictures

4 out of the 6 playgroup friends

Me, Reid/ Kara, Tanner/ Brittney, Quinn/Dena, Hudson

Boon buddies - when I taught school there were 7 of us pregnant and we all had BOYS! Here are a few of them:

Me, Reid/ Kara, Tanner/Brittney, Quinn/Courtney, Mikey/ Leslie, Cody

Reid and Tanner trying to figure their way out of the bounce house

Reid busy splashing the water, and Tanner fascinated by the big kids sliding down the cool water slide

Reid, Hudson, and Quinn loved watching the bubbles come out of the machine (also, I loved Reid's "big boy" outfit! We found the Quiksilver boardshorts at a ski shop, and he had some baby reef sandals - I love playing dress-up with my son!) ;)

I love this picture because there's some blue icing evidence on the corner of his mouth :)

Reid loves showing us his belly button, even though he's a little off in the placement!

Monday, 7/21: Hung out at Brooke and Wyatt's house with Nikki and Madeline.

The kids in their swim suits: Wyatt, Reid, Madeline

Some of the items of furniture that Reid has learned to climb on:

The kitchen chair

The recliner

The fireplace hearth

The couch


Donnell Days said...

Reid is so smiley these days...I love it!!

Collegegirl said...

His smiles melt my heart :)

Ashley said...

He is SUCH a big boy!! oh the fun is just beginning my friend!! Loved all the pics!

CIrons said...

He is so cute!! I tell you that every time I see you, but he is one of the most handsome little guys I know!

Leslie said...

Luke just started climbing on furniture too. What a nightmare waiting to happen!
Love all the updates and pictures. Sounds like Reid has been having a great time.

Dunhams said...

What a sweet little man! I DEFINITELY think you need to count his "Hiiieee..." as a phrase! He's doing so well :) I absolutely love the picture of him pointing to his belly button...he looks very proud!

kinsey said...

he is adorable. love his face in the belly button picture!! too cute!