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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Day in the Life of a 17 Month Old

I've decided that each month on Reid's "birthday," I'll keep track of his daily routine on that day. I think it will be fun to look back each month to see what's the same or different. He is now 17 months old! It's amazing to me how much he changes each month! So, here's what our day consisted of
I'm so sorry for the long, detailed post! Also, lots of pictures. :)

5:00 - Reid wakes up screaming and since this is unusual I go up to his room, give him back his passy (which of course has been thrown on the floor), rock him for a few minutes, and put him back to bed. No telling what woke him up!

7:30 - Ok, so now he's up for real. I drag myself out of bed, put contacts in, etc., and head upstairs. As I'm walking up the stairs I give a little whistle and when he hears this he starts saying, "Mama." I do this whenever I'm getting him out of bed and hearing him say "Mama" never gets old. I walk into his room and immediately smell the diaper - and it's a bad one.
7:45 - Breakfast time! Reid starts off with a banana and he likes to walk around holding it, and eating it whole. Once he's finished with that, it's time for oatmeal - the Earth's Best brand makes a great instant. He's always been independent, but lately he's really been asserting it - he has really been into feeding himself with a spoon or fork. I'm trying to give it up and just let him do it, but it's hard! It's a lot neater (and he eats more) if I feed him. Although, luckily, I can usually feed him about half of his meal, and then he wants to do it himself.

8:10 - I get him ready for the day, and get myself ready for the gym. Along with asserting his independence, he's also been asserting his wants - in temper tantrum form. I guess he got mad that I put a shirt on him and he didn't want one, so he decided to throw himself on the floor, roll around, and to really show me, kick the entertainment center because it's in his way. What do I do? Grab the camera, of course! This is future evidence to show him when he's older!

8:30 - We leave for Lifetime. I drop Reid off at the child center - which he's been loving, thankfully - and meet my friend on the treadmills. We're training for a marathon along with a few other friends, and today was a 5 mile day. The training is going great and is so fun! Although I would not be doing it if I wasn't training with friends.

9:45 - Pick Reid up and we stop at the Life Cafe and each get a smoothie (me, peanut butter/banana; Reid, strawberry/banana). He loves his and drinks all of it!! He is the PICKIEST eater and so when he eats/drinks something in its entirety and as a plus it's healthy, I'm super excited! pictures taken with phone so not the greatest quality

10:00 - Leave the gym and head to the grocery store (I had changed into other clothes before I picked Reid up because I'm a SWEAT-ER when I work out). Actually, I make a stop at Starbucks to get my current fave drink: nonfat, decaf, Cafe Misto with 3 splenda - yum-a-lum!

11:15 - Arrive home; unload groceries while I give Reid a snack (yogurt covered raisins).

11:45 - Upstairs we go for a nap! Reid is only taking 1 nap a day, and it's usually around 1:00, but we've got plans for the afternoon, so I try putting him down a little earlier. Success! He falls right to sleep without any noise! Now I can shower for the day and I also get dinner prepared so that all I have to do when I return is put it in the oven. We're going to have Ritz Cracker chicken, salad, and sweet potato of my faves!

1:30 - Reid wakes up and we head over to our new friends' house - Cara and Landon. Kara and Tanner are there too and the boys have such fun playing and us moms had a great time getting a photoshop lesson from Cara, and of course talking and eating a yummy lunch! While there, I feed Reid his lunch: Mac and cheese, Annie's brand - love it, and watermelon.
Landon, Reid, Tanner

4:45 - We leave their house and head home. Thanks again for such a FUN afternoon for both Reid and me!

5:10 - Finish dinner preparation; put in oven

6:00 - Matt gets home and we eat dinner. I've just learned by now that Reid is not saving us any money with food. He usually does not have a thing to do with what I cook - the only thing he eats that I make is spaghetti- and I try every time to get him to try the meal! He won't even taste it. I'm waiting for the day when I can just tell him that he at least needs to try a few bites! Until then, he has a Gerber Graduates Lil' Entree meal about every night. Sigh.

6:30 - We go on our nightly walk around the neighborhood trail - I mean it has got to be less than half a mile, but it takes us FOREVER because Reid wants to stop at every rock, stick, leaf, bug, etc. But, he loves this walk and it wears him out! He also loves to help by pulling Lilly on her leash. Lilly just loves this...can you just hear the sarcasm? Poor Lilly, but she's a good sport.

7:00 - Arrive back home; bath time! Reid gets to take a yellow bath thanks to Kara and Tanner who gave Reid bath tablets that change the water color. He loves bath time, especially when he gets different colored water! Tonight Reid decides that he wants to drink from the faucet!

7:30 - Bed time! We read a story and then it's off to dreamland! (I hope he doesn't wake up at 5 am tomorrow!) What a busy day for my big 17 month old!


Team Carroll said...

Seriously Meredith?!? TOO cute! I SO want to steal this idea!!! Let's see...the temper tantrum pics are my absolute favorite!!!! LOVE IT! I'm so happy we got to celebrate Reid's "birthday" with him today :) He was SO sweet all afternoon!! Thanks for the yummy watermelon! By the way...I'm going to need your Ritz cracker chicken recipe. That sounds to-die-for. PS: Your pictures are great!! Happy 17 month birthday, sweet Reid!!

Leslie said...

Such a fun day. Reid looks just like Samuel throwing his fit on the floor. I need to take some pictures to prove it to him one day too. I am so jealous that you get to go to the gym. After this one, I am somehow going to make that a part of my life again.
Cute post! And I wish I could whistle.

Hollie said...

Love this post! I especially love the picture of Reid walking sweet (he looks like such a big boy!).

HA...I know those fits all too well. When Kylie does that, it seems the first thing I do is grab the camera, too! I figure I might as well document it all. I love this age! Reid is such a handsome little thing!

Scott & Terry said...

What a busy, fun 17 month birthday! I love the pictures of him protesting the clothes you just put on him! LOL! He is so adorable. I am impressed with all that you get accomplished during the day. I would love that recipe for Ritz cracker chicken- sounds yum! Thanks for sharing your fun day.

ashleigha said...

wow ..he is a busy little one. We have to buy the littel entrees still too!!! They are so expensive $2.20 a piece..uhhhhh. My little one still only has two teeth at 14 months old, so she still wants mushy stuff. I am going to try your recipe sounds wondrful.

The Wilson Family said...

I absolutley love this post!!! What a fun day you had, and I am so happy that we were a part of it!!! And I, too, am so jealous that you are able to go to the gym!

The Rowe Crew said...

I LOVE this idea! I'm totally going to have to copy :o). Looks like you guys had such a fun fun day!

Natalie said...

Great idea! I think it is a great tradition to talk a walk every night after dinner-what a special family time!

holley said...

That was a great idea. Love your blog Meredith. And, good luck training for the marathon. That's hard work especially when you have a little one!

Carter's mommy said...

What a fun day! Reid's fit looks a lot like the ones Carter has been throwing lately!
Do you have Photoshop? I am thinking about getting it, but I think I am going to take a class at CCCC before I buy it!

Emily Kretz said...

What a cute idea, I'm going to have to be a copycat :). I always love reading what other moms and kiddos are up to each day.

Donnell Days said...

What a fun post! It looks like you all had a great day and Reid is as precious as ever!!! Can't wait to see what he is up to next month! :)

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i loved cute! your pictures are great! i love the ones of him walking the dog! he is getting so big!!! miss you guys!

Dunhams said...

I love reading "day in the life" posts...I still have been meaning to do one myself. Reid just looks like such a big boy in all of those pictures! What a great day!