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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

American Idol Concert

Last Monday my mom, me and my sisters, Brittany and Courtney all went to the American Idol concert. If you remember, I was really into this season and was so super pumped to see all my faves! (plus my little crush, David Cook)!!!! :) We had a great time and I was really impressed with their voices - in person they were even better. Kristy Lee Cook even sounded good!!! I only wish that they sang more as a group. They counted backwards from the top 10 and they each sang 3 songs individually, except for David A. who sang 4 and David C. who sang 5. (BTW...You must all go right now to iTunes and download Brooke White's version of "Yellow" by Coldplay which is, dare I say, better than the original!) Before we went to the concert, we met my dad for dinner and then he took Reid back to my house where he met up with Matt.

Aunt Bibby and Reid

Aunt Coco and Reid

Mommy and Reid (I hate this picture of me!!!)

Reid and girls (do you ever just look and study the pictures of you and criticize? It looks like I'm really slouching! I hope I don't always stand like that!)

Sisters (again, not too happy with my picture, but what can you do?)

So excited for the concert to start!!!

6 of the 10 performing

Finally!!! David Cook, my FAVE!!!!

The concert is awesome!


Leslie said...

First of all, you look absolutely beautiful. And second, I'm so super jealous!!!! Is Dave a cutie in person?????

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

you are too hard on are beautiful and look so pretty in ALL the pictures! looks like y'all had a great time!!!

Mandy said...

Jealous, very jealous. All the pics are great!

Dunhams said...

You're so funny! That's exactly what I do with all of my pictures...and then I've just decided I'm a helpless cause and post them anyways :) You look great as usual though!