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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day in the Life of an 18 Month Old

My little guy is now a year and a half old!!! Where has the time gone? My sweet infant baby has turned into a full-fledged toddler, complete with tantrums! I'm just loving each passing day as he gets older and becomes more of who God made him, but at the same time, he sure is testing me! I know when he's older we'll be thankful for his strong-willed personality, but it sure makes for some hard toddler times! Anyway, this month my favorite thing that he says is "Whoa Bubba!" which I guess he picked up from me saying that to him whenever he gets going really fast or is super energetic. He thinks he's Bubba and Reid because he'll pat himself when I ask, "Where is Bubba?" and "Where is Reid?" We had our 18 month appt. today and I can't believe that our next appointment is when he'll be 2, and that it will be here before we know it! I'm excited to see what the next 6 months has in store for us!

Here's what our day looked like:
6:50 - The Little Man (although our new nickname for Reid is the Little Destroyer...those of you with kids around this age, especially boys, can probably relate...) wakes up! However, I don't go up to his room before 7:00, so I lay in bed a little bit longer. Luckily he keeps himself entertained until I make my way upstairs, usually around 7:15. We've started leaving pacies in the crib and just use them for night-night times, so we wave bye-bye to them, Reid grabs a cowboy hat he finds in the closet, and we go downstairs. Reid loves to begin his day with a banana, but he likes to walk around with the whole thing. We let Lily out and play outside for a little bit. Then, it's inside for the usual, oatmeal.

8:15 - Breakfast is over and I get myself ready for the gym...but at 8:30 I realize that I won't have time to work-out and still make it to playgroup on time, so I easily talk myself out of going! BTW - we've decided to run the half-marathon rather than the full, so there's not too much pressure to keep to the strict running schedule. While I clean the kitchen, and get ready for the day, I turn on KERA and Reid watches a little TV, and plays with his toys.
Reid decides to do some exercising with his ball :)

So into the TV show!

Who, me? I'm not getting into any trouble!!

10:15 - Leave for playgroup held at Courtney's house. We have not been able to go to this playgroup in forever so it was so good to see everyone again! It really helps now that Reid is only taking 1 nap. Reid had so much fun with all of his friends: Hallie, Ally, Chloe, Wyatt, and Madeline. We ate a pizza, salad and fruit lunch and then let the kids play outside.
Doesn't it look like Ally and Reid are on a date? Who knows - maybe in 25 years when they're allowed to date! :)

All the kids at lunch: From left: Ally, Reid, Chloe, Hallie, Wyatt and Madeline

Swinging with Madeline

Waving bye-bye to an airplane

1:10 - We get back home and it's time for a nap! I put Reid down and I will say that since going to 1 nap a day, he has been AWESOME about going to sleep when I put him in the crib rather than crying for me to come up there and rock him again, but today he doesn't go to sleep so easily so I have to go back up there, give him back his paci that he has thrown on the floor, stand-rock him, and lay him back down. THEN he goes to sleep. :)
3:25 - I have to wake him up because we have his 18 month appointment to get to!! We meet Matt up there, and unfortunately run into the "after school" appointments so have to wait for a little bit. Everything looks great! The doctor says that Reid is long and lean and there's no need to worry about his pickiness in eating because he's still gaining weight, even though he's in the 25th percentile for it.
Weight: 24.6 (25th)
Height: 33" (75th)
Head: 18 3/4 (60th)
We also walk away feeling like we need to be a little stricter with him! I never thought I would have such a hard time with disciplining, but it's so hard to know what "battles" I should choose and which to ignore. Reid is so independent and definitely has a mind of his own, and loves to do whatever I tell him not to. The doctor even witnessed a good old-fashioned temper tantrum! Plus, Reid had to get 3 shots, so seeing how he was already not in the best mood, that was no fun! To top it off, we didn't get out of there until 5:00 so I had to miss my other playgroup today which was from 4-6. We missed you guys!!
5:30 - We get home and I let Reid watch his DVD player while he eats dinner. This DVD player is absolutely awesome - we take it with us to restaurants and it keeps Reid entertained, and we take it in the car when we go on trips. He used to not really be into it, but now he just loves the Baby Einstein videos!
Dinner, as usual, Lil' Entree Wagon Wheels pasta, and a smoothie. I am loving my Magic Bullet blender! How to make smoothie: handful of frozen fruit, some blueberries, milk, and a Yo Baby yogurt. Reid will drink the whole thing - he loves them!
Seriously, Mom? Another picture?

Smoothie ingredients:

All blended up...

Enjoyed by a picky toddler!

6:45 - Bath time! Reid is ready to hop into his bath! Afterward, we let him play for a little bit. Matt had left after Reid's appointment to play volleyball, but once it started raining, he had to come home and he brought Panda chinese food with him for our has grown on me and now I like it...
I can't resist taking this picture!

Pre-bedtime playing; another of Reid's favorite words is "yo-yo" which he learned from this alphabet train station

7:45 - Bed time! I read him some books and put him down. Whew! What a day!


Donnell Days said...

What a fun day! Hudson is already throwing those tantrums, so we might be in for it ~ yikes. We missed you yesterday...can't wait to see you all in a few weeks! :)

Dunhams said...

So fun! I love the picture of him climbing into the cute! We had fun seeing you guys yesterday!

Annie said...

I love the magic bullet! I made Sutton some stuff in there also since he has deciding he is in the gagging phase!

I am excited to see your new blog! I just got my finished although I need to organize it a bit and the background is not showing up completely!

Tiffany said...

I love seeing what other people's days look like. I am not looking forward to those toddler years though! It's so funny to me how I used to look at parents while teaching & think, "When I'm a parent..." but now my philosophy is "Never say Never!"

Team Carroll said...

LOVE it!! Reid's hair is looking too cute ;) I'm right there with you on the temper tantrums. We have a seriously long road ahead of us!! Can't wait to see you guys on Thursday!! PS: I'm DEFINITELY making LJ a smoothie ASAP!!!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

loved reading about your day!! to make you feel better...i am the worst discipliner ever!!! i have to get better too!!! reid it so cute...we miss you guys!

Leslie said...

Such a fun day for Reid. And I am also struggling with discipline! Way harder than I thought.

Kelly said...

hey girl--I wrote you back but am thinking that it might have gone into your spam/junk folder. Let me know if you got my email. Can't wait to add some fabulous to your page! :)

kinsey said...

i'm WAY jealous of yall's days!!

Collegegirl said...

What a day! Hope the days of temper tantrums are not around for long! Love the portable DVD player idea!

Emily Kretz said...

Reid is so cute! I love the little bootie picture :). I can't imagine having to start with discipline, I am such a softie with Camp already!

Carter's mommy said...

Reid reminds me so much of Carter! What a fun day you had! Love the bootie picture! Too cute!

The Wilson Family said...

Love this sweet post! Happy 18th month birthday... I seriously can't believe that he is now closer to age 2 than age 1! We missed seeing you at playgroup, but look forward to seeing you Thursday night & giving your sweet boy a big hug! We love you guys tons!

Chris, Whitney, and Leighton said...

Your day sounds so fun. I can't wait until Leighton is that age. I hear you on the discipline. It was easy in the classroom with someone elses child, but it is going to be so much harder.

BTW, how did you get the guestbook link on your page? I was trying to figure it out and everything I found was not working like it should.

Leslie said...

I love your blog! I love reading about what all you do and what Reid is up too. And thank you for posting recipes. I tried making a smoothie the other day and it was gross. So I'll try your way.

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Wow, LOVE the new blog!!!!!! It looks fabulous!!!!!! And I also love the pic of Reid climbing into the tub ... what a munchkin. He will kill you one day for putting his bottom on the world-wide web!!

Leslie said...

Your blog looks awesome! I need a makeover. Was it a contest. The header is great!

Julie said...

Hi. Love the blog look. I found it on fabulous k. Your little guy is absolutely adorable. I miss my kids being that little! They grow so fast!

God Bless!

Emily Kretz said...

I love your new blog! I hope y'all had fun at game night, I would love to make it to the next one.

Lucy said...

your new blog looks so so cute!!! She did a fabulous job.

It was great seeing you again last night!

Kelli said...

Happy 18 Months, Reid!! Glad to know I'm not the only one with a strong-willed boy. :) Whew--they are exhausting! Hope you guys are well.