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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Line-up

It's that time of year - the weather getting cooler (well, someday soon...), fall decorations, pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and other things pumpkin (which I LOVE - pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, etc.), fall clothes, and one of the best, NEW SHOWS!!! Our DVR is set to all the shows that we look forward to watching during the week. So, I was wondering, am I missing any shows that I just shouldn't miss? What are YOUR favorite Fall shows? (Also, I'm so over Grey's Anatomy - it just got a little much for me...sorry to all you Grey's fans...although, I was glad to have the name "Meredith" represented...)

Sunday: Used to be a Desperate Housewives fan, but then got off that bandwagon...however, this season interests me, but I missed the season premiere! Is it going to be a good season??

Monday: *How I Met Your Mother - Super funny 30 minute sitcom
*Dancing with the Stars - this looks to be a good season (although I haven't watched last night's yet)

Tuesday: *House
*Biggest Loser Families

Wednesday: *Criminal Minds

Thursday: *The Office

Oh, that's so sad! We have pretty much a show a night! Agh!! We should probably be out exercising or something rather than being lazy couch potatoes...but oh well, that's what I love about Fall!!


Carter's mommy said...

Well, I'm a huge dork and watch 90210 as well as Dr. 90210. I pretty much like any reality TV show. Like you I am over Grey's- Meredith wears me out- she is always so depressed! I also am a BIG fan of How I met your mother-last night's episode was great! It is one of the few things my hubby and I actually watch together.

Collegegirl said...

It is SO NOT sad. I LOVE C. minds on Wednesday nights!!! You can exercise BEFORE tv show nights :)

Annie said...

Love that fall TV is starting! Love it!!! Did the desperate housewives show already start. I agree I got off of it but now am thinking I will start watching again. I love Greys Anatomy (but agree, the need new story lines), Brothers and Sisters and Ugly Betty.

Leslie said...

What about ER? It's the last season so I think it's going to be really good. Also 30 Rock is good and American's Next Top Model. I think I watch more shows than you...or at least I used to!

kinsey said...

oh, we watch so many more shows than you so do not feel bad! but i love that you also enjoy How I Met Your Mother. it's one of our favorites!!

Lindsay Wagner said...

We watch TONS to shows, too! All the new CSI's are starting up, and we love Numbers!!! We're also big on Gossip Girl and 90210! I came across your blog through Amanda Ramsey's blog, and I love reading all your fun entries. Reid is a cutie! I have a 14 month old little girl, Hayden, so I love seeing what's going on with kiddos a little older so I can be prepared!

Tiffany said...

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I am addicted to One Tree Hill! Seth made fun of me when I first started watching it but now he's hooked too (although he may not admit it!).

We also watch How I Met Your Mother, but you had already mentioned that one. Do you think he actually marries Stella? He mentions her by name to the "kids" on the show, so I don't think so. But then there's the thing with the yellow umbrella???

Dunhams said...

Don't feel TV schedule is packed too (and very important!). You are missing some good ones though...everything on the CW on Monday and Tuesday nights (I know, it's time for me to grow up...but it's so fun and scandalous!). And on Thursday, you have to watch 30 Rock and I think Kath and Kim is going to be SO funny! Oh...and Private Practice is back too (I know you said you're over Grey's, but what about the spin off :) ) They're all so addictive!

Jazen said...

We are sketchy on what we watch, but you named a few that we enjoy. We like the Office, How I Met your Mother, dancing and Desperate Housewives. Most Monday nights are football. That is why we love the fall is football is back! What can I say.....3 boys in the house?! I do enjoy it though.

Meredith said...

I love reading all the shows you guys like! So, apparently, I need to get into some of the CW shows - I think I would totally love them!

Lindsay - you're so sweet to comment on my blog! I've read your comments before and seen you on Amanda's blog. You need a blog!! Also, love the name Hayden for a girl!!

Jazen - yes, I can see how we'll be a football family too (much to my dismay seeing how I'm not a fan), so Monday nights, we have to tape my shows and keep football on unless it's not a good game in which we can watch my picks!! :)

kinsey said...

ok, you had me in a bit of a panic because i thought i had missed the premiere of desperate housewives (yes, i'm pathetic) but i just checked, as soon as i walked in the door from school, and the premiere is THIS sunday! and yes, one tree hill is FABULOUS. scott loves it as much as i do because it has a "basketball" twist. ;-)

Team Carroll said...

LOVE your line up...especially The Office!!!!! I am SO excited about the premiere tomorrow!! Okay, so I know these aren't fall shows, but have you not been watching Project Runway & The Hills?? Girl...get on it!! Can't wait to see y'all this week!!

Summer, Justin, and Blake said...

don't even get me startedo on fall shows ... my list is RIDICULOUS. ok, so here are my favs:

sunday: desperate housewives, extreme makeover home edition

monday: gossip girl, one tree hill, the hills (on mondays justin goes in the other room all night ...)

tuesday: 90210, law & order svu

wednesday: america's next top model

thursday: the office, 30 rock, kath & kim (looks good!), greys anatomy, er - BUSY NIGHT, thank goodness for tivo!!!

phew! gosh i love tv ... that's bad isn't it? and i am sure there are ones i am forgetting.

we should have a watch party sometime!

Chris, Whitney, and Leighton said...

I join you on having at least one show a night. Thank godness for Tivo. Although, I think that is what actually fueled my tv obsession. :( After reading people's responses, I feel much better knowing that I am not the only 28 year old who watched shows on the CW.

Courtney said...

We watch tons of shows too! My favs are Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice and LOST. I know Lost isn't starting up yet, but oh it is SO good! You'll have to rent the DVDs of the past seasons if you haven't seen it or you will be so confused.

Summer, Justin, and Blake said...

oops, forgot Ugly Betty.

The Penuels said...

30 Rock, Project Runway & I LOVE Samantha Who!!

Kelli said...

I watch way more tv than you! :) LOVE How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, and The Office!! Add to the list...Desperate Housewives, Grey's (missed a lot of last season--hoping this season will be better), SVU, and Project Runway. This was fun to read (the post and the comments:))