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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playdate at Mandy's

Mandy had us over today to help celebrate Miss Abby's 1st birthday. She had lunch for the kiddos, lunch for us, and then the best part, Sprinkles cupcakes! (of course, those were for the adults - the kids had cupcakes that Mandy made, which they loved! No reason spending the extra money on something that they wouldn't even know the difference!) After lunch, we headed over to the park which is within walking distance of Mandy's house. The kids all had so much fun! This is one of the playgroups where Reid is not the oldest, and one where being a boy, he's in the minority, and so it's great to have some friends to look up to!

Playing with Madeline, and Abby - the birthday girl

Playing with one of the best toys ever, the Fisher Price house - Reid has always loved this toy!

Once he discovered this slide, he became a slide hog! As soon as he would slide down (holding on to my hand), he would immediately turn around and try to walk up the slide to go again!
Waiting at the top with Hallie

Sliding down! So fun!


Mandy said...

So fun. I think Reid would still be on that slide if you would let him! Had a blast. Thanks so much for celebrating with us!

Collegegirl said...

Not the only boy! Hope he loved having all the girls to himself :)

Carter's mommy said...

Carter loves to go up the slide too!