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Friday, September 12, 2008

Playdate at Nikki's

If you can't tell, I love going to playdates. It is so rejuvenating for me to get together with other moms, and to let Reid play with his friends. It's actually a much easier stage for playgroups than when he was an infant for a couple reasons: (1)He was a high-maintenance baby (he had reflux) and so I never knew if he would just cry the whole time while we were there or have a good day, so the not knowing was hard. (2) Being much more independent, he's good with finding things to play with, and when he eats lunch, he feeds himself so I get to actually eat my lunch in peace. Nikki had some girls over to her house for lunch and playgroup (and to celebrate Brooke and Abby's birthday), and Reid had so much fun exploring a new house and playing on the mini, let me rephrase to he was obsessed with the mini playset! Of course, if Matt and I were to buy it, he'd probably have nothing to do with it. We all realized as we were eating lunch, that we were all actually sitting down, at the kitchen table no less!, and eating a meal without a baby attached (well, sweet Abby was sitting in Mandy's lap, but was so content and happy that Mandy was still able to eat easily - or maybe she's just a pro at doing that so she just makes it look easy!) The babies, no TODDLERS, were all busy eating their own lunch - what a good feeling to be at this point! Thanks Nikki for having us over!! I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of the sweet girls, Abby and Madeline!

The playset that kept Reid occupied for a good while!

Loved walking up the slide, and then going down.

Reid, Wyatt, and Blake eating, but where's Hudson?

Now we've got all the boys! Hudson, Reid, Wyatt, and Blake

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Dunhams said...

Thanks for coming over! We had a blast! You're so right about was so nice (and rare) to all be sitting down eating together with almost no interruption :)