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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun at Mimi and Pop Pop's House

Since Matt has been super busy at work, I decided that Reid and I would go stay a couple days with my parents and have a mini-vacation. The first night there, Mimi and Pop Pop took Reid and I to Target and loaded up on some new toys for the little guy! He loved playing with all the new stuff! The deal of the day was this cool life-like kitchen that was......wait for it.......$25!!!! The next morning, we all went out to the D/FW airport observation area and were able to watch planes land and take-off (we mostly saw take-offs though, but still cool.) Reid thought it was so great to be able to run around the big field and see all the planes! Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop for a "home away from home" get away!

Stacking these blocks seriously kept him busy for about 30-40 minutes!!! Notice the serious, concentrating expression~ so Reid!!!

The kitchen set steal!!! It comes with some plates, pots, cups, silverware, and mini-phone. The microwave and oven buttons beep, and when you put a pot on the stove it crackles and glows red.

At the observation area with Mimi and Pop Pop


Dunhams said...

What a fun little trip! How in the world did you get that kitchen for $25???!!! Is it still on sale?? I need to go to Target first thing in the morning!

Following Him said...

What a trip :) Reid sure looks like he is concentrating hard with the blocks. What a deal with the kitchen :)

Emily & Jacob said...

I found your blog throug Blake's blog. It's adorable! Hope you don't mind that we read it! I love the kitchen. It's adorable. Was it on sale at Target. That is such a great price.

Poefam said...

I have to know about this Kitchen too!!! That's insane!!!...Such cute pics and fun memories!

Meredith said...

Ok, so apparently the kitchen was a VERY good deal! It wasn't advertised as being on sale, and my mom and I were sure that it was the wrong price, but when we brought it up to the check-out counter we had them check the price, and it scanned as $25, and my friend told me that it normally runs for $99 at Target and $129 from Babies R Us! So, I don't know what happened, but it sounds like we got lucky!!!