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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting

The Villages of Allen had their first annual Christmas Tree lighting and so Matt and I had high hopes for our little man expecting him to just love it! We read that Santa would be there, they'd have cookies and hot chocolate, real reindeer, and so much more. We thought surely Reid would just love it all and want to see everything and we'd get some really cute pictures....well, not so much. While he did love being there and seeing everything, he was just not as impressed with any of the specialties they were offering, but was absolutely enthralled with the open area with nothing special but some pieces of hay strewn on the ground where he could just run around. At one point we waited in line to get a treat bag and when we reached the front, the lady passing them out said, "A special bag for a sweet little GIRL" - WHAT??? Oh, Matt was quite happy about that! ha! She immediately followed with, "a sweet boy?" and I guess she was waiting for us to correct her, but I was thinking that she realized her mistake but she then followed with, "well, for a Christmas child!" It was then that Matt, in a gruff voice, said "boy." Man! Some people! I mean, I know his hat was not very "boyish" but his outfit was very much so!! Whatev. On our way out we were so glad to run into Billy, Amy, and Porter, and so of course we had to get pictures of our boys! Even though Reid was not quite into the "Christmas stuff" we still had a fun night out as a family!

Does he just look so thrilled to be partaking in the Christmas festivities?!?!

Again, is this torture for him??

Have to get at least 1 picture with my little guy!

This was our attempt to get him in the sleigh they had and take a pic...successful, huh!

Finally, he's where he wants to be! Just free roaming!

Reid and his good buddy, Porter


Poefam said...

SOOO annoying...he DOES NOT look like a girl! People!!!!

Dunhams said...

That is the cutest hat! And NO he does not look like a girl...some people are SO stupid! People would say "he" about Madeline even when she was a newborn covered in pink blankets with a bow on her head...

Donnell Days said...

Oh my gosh...Reid is definitely ALL BOY!!!

Team Carroll said...

I am CRACKING UP!!! What the @#$%^?? He looks NOTHING like a little girl at all!!!! I'm with Brittney...SOOO annoying!!! The pics are too cute!! I wish we would've gone!

Annie said...

Hahaha I would never think girl! That hat is adorable!!! What a fun thing to do!

Carter's mommy said...

That looks like fun! And I'm with evryone else, I would NEVER say he looks like a girl! I am going to have to get Carter's hair cut, because he did get called a she yesterday!