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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Way into SHAPES!

Reid has been into shapes for the last month or so, and loves to play with his shape sorter toys and read his shape books. Recently, he has loved finding shapes in real life objects - it's so funny to me how even at this age, kids really "get" what they're interested in. Here are some things that he's identified without me asking, "what shape is this?":

*Jason's Deli bread (when it's cut diagonally) - "trinanles" (triangles)
*Light reflecting on wall - "trinanle"
*Little rectangle tiles in Mimi and Pop-Pop's pool - "recnanles"
*Certain clocks (or really any circle - those are easy to find!)- "kircles" (he puts a 'hard' c for the first sound in circles) :)
*Mirror in his room - "sare" (square)
*Anytime he sees a heart - not really sure how to write how he says "heart" - you wouldn't know it was heart if you heard him!

I love this phase where he's learning so much but also loving to learn new things! We just might have to start doing "theme days" like Brittney!

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Dunhams said...

That's so great! What a smart little man!