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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Boys and their Treats

Kudos to Cara, who at 38 weeks pregnant, hosted a SUPER FUN Easter playgroup on Monday afternoon! We had to do a repeat of last year's Easter picture, and get the boys in just their jeans and this year, Brittney had the best idea of adding colorful lollipops! Thanks, Brittney! The pictures turned out better than I could have hoped! I'm just trying to decide which ones to frame and where I want to put it! Cara did an awesome job at editing!!! We really missed Amy and Porter and hope that he's feeling better. After our picture, Cara had a Easter Egg hunt planned outside! Reid was more into the small basketball goal, but once he realized there were such yummy treats as cheerios and fruit snacks in the eggs, he was a lot more into the hunt! Cara, I hope I'm getting as much done as you when I'm 9 months pregnant!!!! Thanks for a fun afternoon!!!
There seriously is nothing better than little boys, shirtless, in their jeans! Add the lollipops and you get classic! Also, just in case you're wondering how we get them to sit there, let me paint the scene from their eyes: lots of mommies singing Itsy Bitsy Spider (the song that we've found works) while doing the hand like a charm!

A "behind the scenes" shot :)

Off to hunt Easter Eggs!

Here's one!

And another...but, I must not let go of this ball!

Trying so hard to open the egg!


Taking an egg hunting break

I'm telling you, Reid loves to climb! He's got great balance and control of his body and so he's able to do it by himself...but, I'm always right there behind him just in case!!!

Is there a little baby in there too?? :)

As if Cara didn't do enough, she made these little Easter Eggs and had a little treat bag for the boys!!! Seriously, how does she do it???


the rodriguez crew said...

I don't KNOW, b/c I'm pretty certain I couldn't pull it off NOT pregnant?! What a fabulous playdate, and those boys are so stinkin cute shirtless! And I love all of the little diapers peeking out ... such handsome little misters they all are!

The Leonard Four said...

such a totally fun afternoon! i love the boys cute shirtless, jean-wearing, lollipop munching selves!!! too cute for words! and cara's treat is adorable! where DOES she find the time?

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

those pictures are so PRECIOUS!!! i agree with you...hope i am doing that much when i am 9 month prego!!! looks like y'all had so much fun!

The Penuels said...

So fun!! Thanks for posting the cutie pictures :) Loved getting to see you & Reid.

Dunhams said...

What a great day! And those pictures are beyond adorable!! You should send it to a magazine or something :) Cara is pretty unbelievable...I can't even do that stuff NOT pregnant!

Annie said...

Such a fun day!!! I love Reid trying to open the eggs- adorable!!!!

Donnell Days said...

Such a fun playgroup...I love that Reid was hunting for eggs but wouldn't put down the ball. Too cute!

B.E.A.L. said...

The pictures are great and I am impressed with all that she does! So glad you guys had a great time.

Cute little shirtless boys in jeans make for some absolutely precious pictures!

Brooke said...

Those pictures are so incredibly sweet! Wow, Cara must just be super woman! It would be nice to have that much energy at 9 months pregnant! I'm struggling to find the energy for at 7 mo!

Liz and Garth said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! I love Reid's "spiked" hair. Too precious!

Team Carroll said...

Meredith...why are you so cute?! You are too sweet you crazy thing!! Ummmm...let me just say that the pic of Reid holding the basketball and the basket might be one of the best pictures EVER!! I LOVE that he was SO into it!! I'm SO glad you guys were able to make it!! We had SO much fun hanging out with you guys!! Can't wait to see you again!! Love ya!!

Chelsi said...

What a fun playgroup and what a cute group of boys. Love it!!

Wendi Junod said...

hey meredith! hope you don't mind me peeking at your blog. just found it on amanda's blog. what a fun playdate with all those boys. those pictures are awesome! congratulations to you too!! so fun that you're having boy #2. its really fun, plus a real treat for reid to have a brother! reid is precious! he's so handsome! hope you're feeling good. thanks for letting take a look!