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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pedicure Baby Shower

I love showers - wedding, baby, whatever - and when you combine that with a spa party?? Divine!! We gave Cara a baby shower at Envy Nail salon and it was the perfect place to pamper our friend who is due to give birth to Grant in April. The 2 hours we were there just flew by because all of us girls enjoyed eating some treats, talking, and getting our nails or toes treated. And my toes were in dire need of some attention!!! Now, I'm officially ready for Spring!! Afterward, a group of us went and ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and it was so funny because the connection among us most of us is blogs!! That's right, blogland friends become real-life friends
- LOVE it!
One side of the room...

The other side...

Ahhh, so much better!!!

Our playgroup (minus Kara, Annie, and Dena who we missed!!!)

So cute!!!

At lunch

Katie, Me, Cara, Tiffany, Jodi, Paige (we missed MaryBeth in this picture!)

Oh, and did I mention that Reid is turning 2 tomorrow?!?!?! More to come on his birthday weekend!!!!


the rodriguez crew said...

oh gosh, I think this officially makes me the last one to do this post! :) it was GREAT meeting you, and I had a ball at CF chatting the afternoon away! Happy Birthday to Reid!!

The Leonard Four said...

nope,'s me! i'm the last one to do this post! OOF! maybe tomorrow?!?!

i know that i said this on fb, but it was truly great to finally meet you! we should definitely have another blog gathering! :)

if i haven't already mentioned it...reid is totally adorable!!! hope he has a great bday! :)

Thena said...

How awesome of an idea. Because as we know Moms can never be pampered too much.

Kendall and Brooks said...

oh man, that is my kind of baby shower! I will have to remember that idea!

tiffany said... was GREAT finally meeting you!! i had a blast at lunch!!

happy 2nd birthday, Reid!!

The Lance Family said...

I had so much fun...looking at the pictures makes me want to go and do it again!! I hope Reid has a great birthday!!