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Monday, March 30, 2009

There's No Better Day than a Day Spent with Friends!!

Saturday was a kid's dream come true - we had 3 two year old birthday parties! Reid was in absolute heaven getting to play, eat cake and other birthday party food, and see his friends!! We started the day at sweet Blake's baseball themed party. Summer had it at their neighborhood clubhouse and it was perfect! It was all decorated in baseball theme: the tables' centerpiece was a glass bowl filled with peanuts and then balloons coming out (I wish I had taken a picture because it was so creative and looked great!), and the food was classic - hot dogs, chips and queso, and snacks. Can't get any more American than that! Sadly we had to leave before trying any cake, but it looked DELICIOUS!!!

The kids playing

The Sweet Spooner Fam - Happy Birthday Blake!!

The cake table

We left straight from there and went to cutie-pie Quinn's Alphabet themed party. Brittney had the party at their church's youth warehouse and it was decorated to the max - there were stations set up for different letters of the alphabet: T is for trains and there was train stuff for the kids to play with, M is for movie with a movie playing, B is for bounce house and there was a bounce house, you get the idea. We did eat cake here and it was yummy! Reid had a cupcake, or should I say the icing on the cupcake - yuck!!! I'm definitely a cake person and not an icing person - although I like a touch of icing, just not straight up! We left from there and went home so Reid could take a nap before our final party to go.
One of the stations

Cake table

Another station, playing the movie that Reid recognized because it's the Preschool Prep, Letters video that he loves!

Precious Porter playing with the bubbles!

Reid chowing down on the ICING! I could just cringe...

Reid and some of his buddies:
Not sure what he and Landon are up to, but their look to each other looks conspiratorial!

Throwing balls with the birthday boy. Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Playing with Tanner

I had to wake him a little over an hour after putting him down, and he was ok in the beginning, but then had a COMPLETE MELT DOWN - the whole nine yards when I tried to put a new diaper on!!! Matt and I could do nothing to console him, and we felt sorry for him because I know he was on sugar and fun overload and just didn't have enough sleep, but I knew once we were at the party, he would perk right up. After about 30 minutes of hysterics, we were able to get him dressed and head out. We were a little late to precious Wyatt's birthday party, but once Reid saw his friends and toys, he was fine! And, when he finally went outside, he saw the best part - a petting zoo with lots of cute baby animals! He LOVED it and wouldn't leave - there were baby rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, a duck, and a 2 week old pig (who had to go back in its crate because it was getting a little cold). We stayed there for awhile because all 3 of us were having fun talking to friends and hanging out.
Reid lovin' on some sweet animals

Wyatt's birthday cake - fits the theme!

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

You would have thought after this incredibly busy and exhausting day Reid would have been completely wiped out, but when we got home that evening he was still wanting to play! I was the one who was completely wiped out! But, we had one of the most fun days ever and are so thankful that we've been able to see these boys grow from newborns to big two year olds!!! I just have this mental picture, 16 or so years from now, all of us dropping our boys off at Penland for their freshman year at Baylor!!!!


Tiffany said...

What a day! All of those parties look like so much fun (and so creative too!).

B.E.A.L. said...

Wow...what a day full of fun! Great pictures!

and that would be so fun for all those boys to go to baylor together! I think it is so cool that they are all just a few weeks apart and the best of friends!

The Leonard Four said...

SO FUN! we've never been to THREE bday parties in one day...2 yes, but never 3! i bet that was a serious sugar high and a ton of fun! love the pics! :)

Lucy said...

Way to go, "yoga master" Reid! It takes a real man to survive 3 two year old birthday parties and still have energy left over. That is very impressive!

Following Him said...

Creativity to the MAX at the parties. Glad Reid party-hardied all the way through!

Annie said...

We had so much fun partying with yall!!! You are such a trooper three parties in one day- I was just exhausted from two!!!!

Dunhams said...

Definitely a fun and exhausting day!! We loved getting to see you guys so much :)

Poefam said...

WOW! THREE! That's crazy! Thank you for letting our party be a part of your crazy day! We loved having you there!!! YAY FOR the TERRIFIC TWOS!!!

Brooke said...

You are a rockstar for getting this post up after surviving 3 birthday parties this weekend! We had so much fun. Thank you for celebrating with Wyatt!

amy dawn said...

I'm with birthday party would wipe me out, but three! What sweet friends you have. I can see what a strong bond you have with your friends and their boys and think it is truly a blessing! I have no kids and most of my friends are in my home state of Cali, but my advice is to keep up those relationships no matter where y'all end up. My bestie and I are on 19 years and I love watching her girls grow up even if I have none of my own (yet....I hope!). God Bless :)