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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lots of posts to do...

Bleh - do you ever get that bleh blog feeling?? We've really been enjoying this warm weather with our new play set in the backyard, and with friends, and so there's lots to blog about, but everytime I get on the blog, I'm so unmotivated!!! We're still here and I'm hoping to blog tomorrow night about everything that we've been up to, so stay tuned!

Have a memorable Memorial Day! Our plans include a trip out to Lake Levon where Matt keeps his our boat, and a cook-out with the fam!

The Northcutt Family would like to extend our thanks and respect to all the veterans and current military persons who have contributed to making our country what it is.


Jodi said...

YES!! I do know how that feels! I have uploaded 3 different posts, but feel unmotivated to type anything!! I will probably get to it tomorrow too! :) Glad your enjoying backyard time!

the rodriguez crew said...

Oh my goodness, I feel ya too! And then add the blog book to the mix & how all I can think about every time I do a new post is, Wow, now i'll REALLY never catch up - and I might as well quit blogging! :)

Although we miss Northcutt updates, I'm happy it's because you're having fun outside ... we'll be patiently waiting! :)

Tiffany said...

Definitely have the "blog blahs" every now & again! I often have to change my layout to let people know I'm still around 'cuz I don't want to blog :-)

Sounds like you guys are having a great time with your new play set! Look forward to your new posts!

Dunhams said...

YES!!! That is exactly how I've been feeling!