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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Food Recipes!!

I posted 3 new recipes on my food blog!!!! We tried out 2 new dinner recipes, Pulled Pork Burritos, and Sweet Chicken Bacon Wraps, and then I posted the fabulous brownie recipe!

Hope you like these as much as we did!!!!

Also, I'm loving reading all of your name favorites!!!! We do not know what to do!!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!


Sheridan said...

Hi Meredith,

I found your blog through the Forman Fam and I LOVE reading! Reid is such a cute lil' man and his baby brother will be to!

Just a little side note, I have left some name suggestions on Swistle Baby for Baby Boy # 2. I am with you, I really like the name Ryder!

Here is my blog. I don't think I update it as much as you, but I do have fun with it.

annajanine said...

I just saw your menu blog. Yummo! I've got some serious baking to do. Keep 'em coming!

Cooking Girl said...

I have new recipes too!
Go visit the cooking blog at
they are healthy well at least some of them!
Maddy:) I hope you go look at the cooking blog!!