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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Reid goes on his First Date

My sister (Aunt 'Bibby') decided she wanted to take Reid on a little date with her to the Frisco Roughriders Baseball game.  In my head I was really hoping that it would be as fun as she was thinking it would be but had very low expectations on how it would actually turn out - I just didn't think Reid would be able to have a long attention span at the game and that they would stay for an hour, tops, before he got antsy and ready to leave.  HOWEVER, he LOVED it!!!  He loved eating his hot dog, drinking his Sprite, and then having ice-cream AND a cookie for dessert (the joy of being an Aunt and not a can allow that!!); he loved seeing the mascot, a Prairie Dog that they called a Bear out of convenience - but Reid didn't want it to get too close; loved climbing over his seat; loved watching the game from the bar; just loved being with his Aunt Bibby!  Luckily one of Aunt Bibby’s friends went to the game who has a little girl who is 18 months…so it’s always nice to go with someone else with a toddler!  They left during the 7th inning and Bibby had to tell him the game was over to get him to leave!  He wasn't ready!!!  Thanks, Aunt Bibby, for making Reid's first date a memorable one!!!!











IMG_1616    IMG_1610


IMG_1611 IMG_1613


Following Him said...

What a FUN first date :) Reid looks like a COOL dude in the picts too!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

so cute...he has such a fun aunt!!! love the pictures!!!

The Leonard Four said...

well...that's just about the cutest thing ever!!! what a sweet sister you have! :) and what a perfect first date!

Donnell Days said...

How fun is that?!? What a great sister/aunt!!

B.E.A.L. said...

that Aunt Bibby is the coolest aunt ever! i love that she took him and he had a blast!

so cute!

the rodriguez crew said...

Uh.DORABLE! here's what's crazy. Aunt Bibby (love it) looks like a blonde you. Therefore Reid looks like Aunt Bibby!? Does anyone say that? I love seeing how genetics play out!

Isn't it fun that they are getting to the age where they are easier to send off, and they have so much fun? We're just getting there too! I love it! Reid looks precious as ever!

annajanine said...

Tell the beautiful Brittany HELLOOO! What a wonderful Aunt :).