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Sunday, January 3, 2010

October Picture Recap


Halloween Playgroup


DSC_4217DSC_4204 DSC_4189 DSC_4194  DSC_4205 

Going to a Pumpkin Patch

DSC_4258 DSC_4257DSC_4267  DSC_4228  DSC_4241 

  DSC_4250  DSC_4239

Halloween Night – Neighborhood Party and Trick or Treating

  DSC_4290DSC_4301DSC_4296 DSC_4295DSC_4316   DSC_4313


Liz and Garth said...

I LOVE Fall. These pictures are too cute. And thanks for the fashion advice. I need all the help I can get. Ha! Happy New Year to you guys!

Team Carroll said...

LOVE IT!!!! And have I mentioned how much I LOVE your hair longer?!?! I mean, I love it short, but I really love it long!!! You're so cute :)