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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goal and Random Thoughts

To be honest, blogs can stress me out.  They just seem to take up time and effort whether that’s writing mine or reading others!  Plus, I can sometimes read a blog and feel like I have no cool talents or that I’m the worst mom ever!  So, I haven’t really been doing any “blogging.”  Well, I have been reading some decorating blogs, which I love and hate at the same time.  Love because I can see new ideas, hate because it makes me not like my decor and wish I had more money.  But that will be a whole ‘nother post (upcoming: redecorating on a budget).  Sooooo, to get to part of the title on my post, my goal is to blog more regularly.  I love having the memories written down, the pictures documented, a place to vent on one of those days, and a place to express the times that fill me with joy.  I don’t think I can even attempt to fill in those (many) months of not blogging, so I’ll just start from now.  My hope is that anyone who would even read what I write would leave feeling encouraged, and not alone (know what I mean, as a mom?  do you ever feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t, say, do a critical thinking preschool activity everyday with your kid(s)?  Not to knock those moms who do that, but sometimes I wonder if it’s something I should be doing if I want to raise a productive, problem-solving member of society.)  Oh well, my kids are learning plenty of problem-solving techniques through Sprout.  I mean, it’s like “preschool on TV!”  ;)

My boys:

Reid – a soon to be 4 year old – He is definitely his father’s son.  He’s very black and white, a perfectionist who on the positive side wants things done right, but on the flip side, he gets very frustrated and doesn’t even try to do some things.  Just wants me to do it so it will get done correctly – anybody have a child like that?  How do you help them try stuff?  He is also a complete left-brainer.  L.O.V.E.S. numbers.  In fact, that’s become a great consequence:  “If you don’t obey Momma, I’m going to take away your Granddaddy numbers for the day!”  Works every time.  (oh, and all the sets of numbers have names:  Granddaddy numbers, magnetic numbers, little numbers).  I love watching his strengths develop.  I pray that God will equip me (and Matt) with helping him pursue his strengths, and improve his weaknesses.

  DSC_5522 DSC_5523 DSC_5532   

Jace - (almost) 18 months old – Loves to be where the action is- is this so typical 2nd child?  Doesn’t want to miss a thing!!!!  Although, my once laid back baby has become a master at fits, arching his back, and crying loudly if he doesn’t get his way.  Already.  I remember Reid not really going through the tantrums until closer to 2.  Whereas Reid is our shy, people have to gain his trust before he lets his guard down little boy, Jace is our Mr. Good Time Charlie, doesn’t meet a stranger.  So funny how our 2 boys are so COMPLETELY different from one another!


But, as much as I play referee, I’m so thankful that these boys have each other as brothers and I hope that their differences in personality only strengthen their bond.




My friend, Brittney, organized a focused prayer calendar that I think is such a good idea.  My prayer this week is about our family’s plans.  The verse is: Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.  Prov. 19:21.  So applicable to me.  I love to plan out and dream about what the future holds (2 kids or 3?  STILL the big debate in our house).  But, I’m trying and praying to give that over to God.  Not to say don't plan, but I’m not going to be anxious and worry about what might happen.  The Lord’s purpose will prevail.  Very comforting to think that I don’t have to worry or be anxious in order for something to happen.


Tiffany said...

YAYYYY!!!! You're back!!!! We've missed you!!!! I loved seeing this pop up on my blogroll :) I can't get over how much your boys have grown up! They are as handsome as ever! Look forward to keeping up with you again :)

The Wilson Family said...

Mere!!!! I love that you are back to blogging & I particularly love this blog post! I loved reading about your sweet boys & I honestly did feel encouraged when done reading! What a great way to start my crazy morning routine!!! Can't wait to read many more blogs posts from you!!! Love you!

The Johnson Family 4 said...

I agree! It's so hard to keep up with it all. I usually read everyone's blog, but I hardly ever comment. I feel like a bad mom most days because I don't do a preschool activity with Cole, but he gets that at school and at home we get to play together AND he learns other things with us. You are doing a great job and I'm glad you are back to blogging!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Meredith, you're AWESOME. This is about as real as it gets, and I too felt encouraged. I LOVED reading about Reid and Jace, and how different their little personalities already are (I'm soooo curious how my 2 boys will be alike or different in that regard). All of us feel ya on the whole blogging pressure thing ... I took most of the people I don't really "KNOW" off of my lists as to save some time and anxiety! :) And I mostly read interior design blogs now too. You're not alone!! :)

Keep it up, you'll be so glad you have these "records" of your young family one day - get started on a book!! It will make all of the blogging feel so worth it. :)

Happy week to you!

Donnell Days said...

Yea!! I'm excited to see a post! I love it and totally get where you are coming from!!

Poefam said...

YAY!!! So fun that you're back! Can't wait to read many more posts...So thankful for your frienship...and the sweet friendships that your boys give to Quinn!

Poefam said...

P.S. I am SOOO glad that you're doing the prayer thing with me! Can't wait to see how God moves this year!

The Leonard Four said... happy you're back! i've missed seeing what those sweet boys are up to!

and i know what you mean about feeling "less than" after reading other peoples blogs...i decided a while ago, that i'm going to view peoples blogs like i'm reading actual books - a little snippit at a time - and NOT compare myself to others! it's hard and i totally have days where i'm certain that everyone is better than me at everything, but i'm working on it!

really so glad that you're back...and btw, i LOVE the pics of the boys...they're getting so big! :)

The Drama Mama said...

I, too, was feeling SO overwhelmed with being behind on blogging and I just had to 'start fresh' as well. I knew I wasn't going to be able to make up for lost time, so I might as well start new! Glad you're back...look forward to keeping up with you guys! HUGS!!

Kristen said...

Love this post and love that you're back!! I've been MIA from blogging too for a while, and can totally relate to everything you're talking about - thanks for sharing your thoughts and keepin' it so real! You are a FABULOUS mommy and WONDERFUL friend, and I absolutely love spending time with you and those precious boys!! :)

Laurie said...

I dont know you but I can totally relate to this post. I also feel like a bad mom when I see these amazing blogging Moms and all the activities they do. I found myselfe creating things to do so I can blog, instead of just blogging from my heart. My kids love Nick Jr, and it works-My 3 year old can name dinosaurs and tell you if they are carnivores or herbivores. Good luck!

the nelson family said...

i feel the exact same way, which is why i shy away from even attempting to start my own! glad to read this maybe i can will myself to really begin mine!

annajanine said...

Welcome back! I'm excited to hear about you and your boys' adventures! (not to mention the designing on a dime part!)

Gina said...

So glad you're back Mere!

Samantha said...

Glad you're back! Loved reading about your boys. I feel like I can picture their little personalities. So excited to see your decor on a dime and more adventures with numbers. "Preschool on tv"- gotta love it!

Kathy said...

My sweet Meredith,
Do you know that I've been praying for you since before you were born? Matt and your beautiful children are beyond blessed to have you for a wife and mother, as I am beyond blessed to have you for a daughter! I know how frustrating it can be to have a little perfectionist personality in your child, and I also know about the stubborn, iron-will spirit of the strong-willed child. I am amazed at how well you teach your boys with a calmness that I can't even imagine. The only advice I can give you is to keep your eyes on Jesus. In Psalms David tells us that God has already gone before us to prepare the way for our futures. And His plans are perfect!
Please be easier on yourself. Remember that you are the perfect answer to many prayers of this mother.
I love you! Kathy