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Monday, July 28, 2014

Disney World 2014

I knew if we wanted to have a successful trip to Disney World I'd need to do some massive planning to tackle this beast.  Fortunately, since this was kind of a work trip, the hotel, airfare, and park-hopper tickets were already purchased and planned.  I emailed a friend who is a Disney guru and she got me started.  First, I needed to plan out our days and what park we'd be at each day.  I based my planning on what days there would be Early Magic Hours, and then looked at this crowd calendar.  Next, came planning our dining, and making reservations.  We made these about 4 months in advance.  We chose Prime Time Cafe, Chef Mickey's, Hollywood and Vine, and Crystal Palace (but we didn't end up going to Crystal Palace).  After that, I waited a bit.  As it got closer to the trip, I started reading Disney sites, blogs, and any sites with tips for making our Disney trip a success.

But, no amount of planning could have prepared us for what was to happen at Disney.  We got a full day in on Sunday, visiting 2 parks with a rest time in the middle of the day.  Monday we spent at the hotel pool, and then went to Chef Mickey's and a Pirates Pals voyage Monday night.  That's when I started feeling sick.  I couldn't get out of bed on Tuesday and just stayed in bed ALL DAY.  Matt took the boys to the planned parks.  I went to the park on Wednesday morning but had to leave early to get back in bed.  Finally, on Thursday, I went to a Care Now.  Four hours and a chest x-ray later, they determined I had a small strain of pneumonia.  (We didn't know at the time, but I also had the flu and that's what turned into pneumonia!)  Matt, once again, took the boys out for that day.  Friday came, and Matt and Reid started feeling sick so off they went to the Care Now.  Both tested positive for the Flu.  What????  We were pretty rough trying to fly home on Saturday!  This was definitely a trip we won't forget!  Thankfully, we left Brynn back to stay with grandparents, and we were so glad she wasn't with us.  Now we're just trying to recover and get our strength back!!

We stayed at Disney's Boardwalk Villas

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Liz said...

I'm so sorry you guys got so sick. That stinks! Maybe you all will have to go back when the kids are older and everyone feels well. It sounds like you need a re-do.