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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Culture Day

Well, we decided to add a little culture to our lives by going to the Dallas Museum of Art for a private, guided tour for moms and their babies. We had a good time hanging out together, but I think we all enjoyed lunch a little more than the tour. :) Maybe we should bring culture into our lives by going to the mall...Anyway, the group that hosted it is Metro Moms and they have events all over the metroplex that moms can go to with their little ones. Just another fun outing! Their website is:

The moms and babes (poor little Coley is a little cut out of the picture)

Chloe and Cole - exhausted from all the learning!


Leslie said...

Don't think I've mentioned it yet...I LOVE your new hairdo. Hope I get to see it before it grows out! I also keep searching L&S mouths for teeth...none yet.

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