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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Moments

I really love this age Reid's at now - he's really interacting with us, observant, and happy! (Well, most of the time!) Here are some "happy moment" pics.

Reid and his buddy Wyatt - don't they look relaxed?

We took this pic because he's actually still and calm! Usually when he's being held his legs are in constant kick motion and his head is on a swivel stick!

Lilly loves being around Reid - always hoping to get a lick in! She's recently discovered being able to (barely) fit under the exersaucer where her constant goal is to lick his legs or feet. Now that he's loving to grab his toes and put them in his mouth I have to make sure Lilly does not accomplish this goal!

His first tooth is really coming in and now the partner tooth is making an appearance. The first one didn't seem to bother him much, but I don't think he's liking this new one!

I just think this shirt is too funny!

Laughing at Daddy

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Nicole said...

reid...your t-shirt is too cool! love it! :) N.