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Friday, August 31, 2007


I love the Fall Season - the weather turns nice (where we can actually take a walk in the middle of the afternoon and you're not deemed crazy), school starts (which is really weird this year with not going back), the new TV shows, and I always am so excited about fall fashions! BUT, do I have any sympathizers (word?) out there? What I don't look forward to is the obsession my husband has with football!!! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching the last few minutes of a close game, but a whole 2-3 hours?? Sunday night, Monday night, and even Thursday night? How many games can 1 man fit into his schedule?! Honestly, I'm always kind of glad when January rolls around because that means an end to this madness. Plus, now he's added Fantasy Football to his obsession and so he's always checking his team! The only thing I can say is at least he can't say anything about my blogging or checking other people's blogs! (which he says I'm obsessed with). So, here's to a new season - maybe this time I'll actually catch a game (or not - I'll stick to my Grey's Thursdays).


Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

DITTO! We should have TV parties while the guys are watching football ... :)

Nicole said...

at least we could sleep through it last year since we were pregnant... now we have bebes to take care of! ;o) when does grey's start... i need to program our new fios!

Leslie said...

Brian never misses a game either. He is so excited to watch football this the boys (this season). Ya right! I guess I'm that way with reality TV and blogging.

Northcutt Family said...

Seriously! This year Matt will be excited to include Reid - though maybe I can work a break out of this...Grey's starts Sept, 29 (if not that date, that week) We should have TV parties while the guys watch football!