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Friday, September 7, 2007

6 Months Old

I can't believe that Reid is 6 months old!! We have our doctor appt. next week so I'll post back with his stats. For me, 6 months was what seemed so old and when he was born I thought that it sounded so far off, and here it is! I also feel that at this point I can't use the excuse, "well I just had a baby" (though I hear that excuse is good for years). I love this age - I think it's my favorite so far! If I walk off, I know that he'll be close to the spot I left him at if not still there, he's becoming so much more aware of everything (which makes it very hard to nurse as he gets so distracted by every little noise - especially if I talk), he's finally rolling from back to stomach (not often), and the big thing to me is that he's sitting up for more than just seconds! I love that I can set him down with a toy and he doesn't just flop over. He is definitely loving Lilly and is constantly trying to grab at her and put whatever he can of her in his mouth before I stop him. Anytime I get down about not getting a really good night's sleep, or how hard it is to schedule a day around naps, spit-up on clothes, or my new "body after baby" I take a look at him and think how totally worth it everything is.

Spring Babies in birth order: Reid (3/6), Chloe (3/12), Luke, Sam (3/17), Blake (3/23), Hudson (not pictured 3/23), Wyatt (3/26), Cole (5/11)...I really hope I got all the birthdays correct - leave me a comment if I messed any of them up!! We had so much fun at Brooke's house - thanks for hosting!

Sucking on the fingers doesn't change no matter what position he's in!

Not too bad - I think I like sitting up!

Now I'm at Lilly's level - no more staring up at her!

Hum...I'd really like to lick that spit-up that just happened (that of course is what Lilly would say if she could talk)


Nicole said...

reid...i am quite impressed that you have mastered sitting up!!!! what a champ. oh...and lilly, you aren't the only pup who likes baby spit up. yuk!!! meredith...i'm impressed at all the bdays. wow! not sure i can do that... thanks for the fun playdate today! n.

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

how fun that he's got so many playmates to grow up with!