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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spring Babies' 1st Christmas

I was trying to think of how to start this post and one incident sums it up: spilled diet coke. Why, you ask? Because setting my diet coke on the ground a few months ago would not have been an issue with these sweet Spring Babies who are on the move. (What got me remembering this occurrence is that I hear the dryer going right now and I'm realizing that I forgot to put my jeans that the diet coke spilled on in the laundry room...hung them back up in my closet...oops). It was my own spring baby who spilled the diet coke in his attempt to army crawl his way into everything! It is the most amazing thing to see the growth that these babies make in just a few short months. We got together for a Christmas party/gift exchange at Amanda's house. She had pizza and a salad - one of my all-time favorite lunches! The babes played on the floor and we sat around them alternating between eating and moving our baby back to a better location because that baby had wandered into a more desirable (aka "not allowed") area. It got me thinking to months ago when we would get together and the babies were not mobile and they could be kept happy in their infant carriers, the swing, the bumbo seat, you get the idea. I'm loving that Reid and I get to see his friends grow and develop in this first year of life! A very Merry Christmas to all of our friends who will be experiencing their first Christmas in 2007 (and of course also to those who have already experienced this joy)!
Just 4 months ago (minus a few spring babies) - no mobility yet! (Babes are all about 5 months old)

Don't be fooled - they are only staying still because of the enticing taste, feel, sound, etc. of wrapping and tissue paper (don't worry - we didn't let them eat it! but we had to keep their attention so we could get our pictures!)

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TeamRiss said...

love the last pic of reid with that red tissue in his mouth. fabulous! have a great christmas!