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Sunday, January 13, 2008

What did you do today?

When Matt asks me this question, my answer seems so short. How can chasing after a pre-toddler be the only thing on my list? (well, besides an occasional load of laundry, picking up the house, etc. - and that's on a good day) My playgroups are my saving grace from going stir-crazy! As much as I love staying home and playing with my little mess, it can sometimes feel like all I do is follow him around to keep him out of harm's way as he grows and explores EVERYTHING. Now that he's on a pretty good nap schedule, getting out of the house to run errands or just go somewhere is on a limited time frame. And, I'm starting to get the question, "So, when is baby number 2 coming?" What??!! I can't imagine life with an infant as well! What will I do then? I guess you just figure it out and create a new normal (as Oprah would say). Then it will really be tough not to just dress in the most comfortable thing, pull my hair back, slap some make-up on, and look presentable! With all that said, I can only look forward to the future because I am loving this age (10 months) and I know it just gets better. Here are some pictures of my mobile guy.

Loves playing with his house

We have since moved this coffee table out of the family room so now we have a big open play space (plus, one less thing to cause a bump and/or bruise)

Lilly and Reid always find time to play with one another

Reid was trying so hard to reach the blind cords! (we already need new wood blinds seeing how Lilly chewed on the ends of the bottoms blinds so I was not trying too hard to keep him from being rough with them)

So close!

The look on his face is so classic Reid - studies everything!

Heading into a new and exciting room, Lilly's room, aka the Laundry room

Stops to check out Lilly's crate...

But, oh wait! Something even better! ( I had to drop the camera to grab him before either (1) getting into Lilly's water or (2) stuffing his face with Lilly's food)


Donnell Days said...

Such cute pictures...he is definitely on the move these days!!!

Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...
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Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

Great pictures! I would love to be able to be home each day with Bryson but I know I would miss working and getting out of the house too. I can understand the stir craziness. I feel that even on the few days I am home with Bryson. Come to school and visit. We would love to see you!

I am too getting asked when #2 is coming quite often. I feel like life is just getting normal again.

Nicole said...

reid is such a cutie... i know we'll be very mobile soon, but it is still so hard to imagine!

TeamRiss said...

I like the pics of him crawling all around- so interested in everything, which is a very good thing! So smart!