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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday Fun-day!

We had a busy but fun Monday! First, we met some friends at the arboretum for a picnic. 10 moms, 11 babies, lots of sharing of snacks, 1 temper tantrum (my child), and of course a photo shoot! Reid has just started throwing fits if he doesn't get what he wants (which most of the times consists of just wanting to walk everywhere!) and if Matt or I pick him up he starts crying and kicking his legs. So, in the group picture of the moms and babies, that's why he's crying! After getting the picture it was time to go. Reid was exhausted and despite my loud singing, talking, anything to keep him from falling asleep in the car, he was out. This means no nap in the crib! But, I tried anyway, and no such luck. We had so much fun seeing old friends, and meeting new ones and look forward to many arboretum picnics!

Emily & Campbell, Summer & Blake, Nikki & Madeline, Brooke & Wyatt, Meredith & Reid, Lindsay & Finley, Amanda & Hudson, Sarah & Luke, Ashley & Anna, Leslie & Luke & Sam

Trying to get everybody together for a group photo...not the easiest task!

Reid and Blake exploring

The stroller line-up

2 cool dudes and a sweet lady :)

Even though Reid fell asleep in the car, I still tried putting him down for a nap, but after hearing him "talk" in his crib for 30 minutes, I decided to get him up so we could head on over to Alli and Chapman's house for playgroup. She had yummy snacks, and Reid very much enjoyed playing with his friends, and of course, walking and exploring. We all kind of ended up holding different babies, so we decided to do a baby swap for a picture and hold another baby. So fun! I love how our boys didn't mind at all! (Reid was crying because I had picked him up from his walking in the yard, and so he was not happy about that...)

Exploring Chapman's yard

"What can I get into next???"

"Time to go! Don't worry Miss Kara, I can get him."

Baby Swap:
Brittney holding Tanner, Meredith holding Quinn, Kara holding Reid, Amy holding Chapman, and Alli holding Porter

Reid and me

Brittney and Quinn

Tanner and Kara

Alli and Chapman

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