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Monday, April 21, 2008

New Family Member

My sister, Brittany, got a new puppy, a havanese/maltese mix that she named Lexy. She's the cutest and has the sweetest personality! She's 15 weeks old, so luckily she's still puppy, but past the more high maintenance stage. Lilly loved Lexy and they played hard, but Lilly tired out quicker than Lexy! I forgot about the amount of a puppy's energy! Courtney babysat Lexy today while Brittany went to work, so they came over today to play with Lilly and Reid.

Reid has really started wanting us to put sunglasses on him. He only keeps them on for a minute before he's ready to take them off (and sun is not required for him to want to wear them) but I was able to get some pictures today of this "cool dude." :)


The Wilson Family said...

Reid is SO COOL!!! Do you think he can teach Tanner to wear sunglasses??? I love all the pics! And, Lexy! Oh my gosh... precious!! I love the pictures of Reid & Lexy! Too cute! Love ya!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

that puppy is too cute! i love how it is walking next to reid in that one picture! he looks precious in his sunglasses!

Brooke said...

So cute! I just love puppies! Reid is super cool in his shades.

TeamRiss said...

Oh buddy- he looks fabulous with those shades on. Too cool.

Poefam said...

Love the sunglasses...and what a sweet puppy!