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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thermostat Battle

Matt and I battle over what we set our thermostat on at night. I like it to be cool so I can use lots of blankets/covers to warm up! I feel like this is "normal." Matt likes it to be warm, ideally between 74-75. Too hot!!! I always tell him that most people like it to be cool at night, but maybe I'm wrong. What do you like to set yours on? Please vote on the poll to the right. (We compromise on 70 degrees at night.)

I'm really enjoying reading all the comments and I'm glad to hear that it's not just me who likes it cold! :) Also, luckily Reid is upstairs and there's a separate heating/cooling unit so I set his to 74, or turn the heat on and set it on 70. Matt is hating our electric bill now!


Carter's mommy said...

I'm with you! I like to be cold when I sleep! I like to snuggle in the covers!

Hollie said...

That is hilarious! I like it cool too...Robbie likes is COLD! So, we have to compromise a little too. My worry is that the kids get too cold...because they always kick the covers off!

I got your comment! I am sad to say that Kole has ALWAYS been a picky eater. Amanda and I have talked about this. When he was a toddler (and a lot now, too) he lived on chicken nuggets! I know, sounds so bad...but the doctor wasn't concerned because he was always on target. Then he started eating baked chicken...which is so much better. But it has always been a battle to get him to eat. A lot of it is a texture thing (and he flat out DOESN'T like to try new things!). Just this past year (5 yrs. old!) he started eating macaroni & cheese...he wouldn't eat them before because he hated the way the noodles felt.

And of course you know this does not mean that Reid will be this ALL! Honestly, my advice (even though, I'm not sure you asked!) :) is to hang in will get better (and Reid will be just fine...that is what I was always worried about with Kole). This age is so hard to prepare meals for. This stage with all three of mine has been difficult to find stuff 'in the middle' that they will eat (even with Lex, and she is a fabulous eater!!) You just learn what they will and will not eat and go from there.

At least now, we can share recipes and blog about them if there are any good ones! :) Five years ago with my first toddler seemed like a battle that I was NEVER going to win...I think it's safe to say, I lost!

Even though we loved that meatloaf....Kylie wasn't a big fan (she did eat some). But you never know....Reid could love it too!! You will have to let me know if you find any good recipes as well! I am still searching for some new ones!

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

YES ... I like it to be COLD at night!! But since we had Blake, we can't keep it as cold as we used to b/c he doesn't have warm covers like we do! :) We keep it on 71-72 at night.
p.s. I think it was more around 68 when I was pregnant though!

The Penuels said...

I am with you Meredith...nice & cool is best for sleeping!!

Kelli said...

COLD, for sure! Noah likes it warmer though, so that's where we have to compromise. :)

Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

I like it cold too. When I asked Brian about this topic he responded with "We keep it colder than is energy efficient. And colder for you. I have chosen not to battle with you on this and therefore give you your way." Too funny!

Tiffany said...

I didn't know what to vote b/c we keep it on 69-70 :o) Seth likes it colder than I do, but I froze him out this past winter while I was pregnant!

Nicole said...

a happy in between...72!

Laura said...

I agree...I like it a lot colder than Jason does. But now that Parker is here, we are both hot all night!