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Monday, April 14, 2008

Reid's Perspective...

Dear Mom,

Yes, I know that I was very clingy and upset today when we were with my friends, but come on, 2 playgroups in 1 day? Wouldn't you be upset if after every nap you were whisked away to a new place? I didn't even get to do my usual exploration of our house because you were taking me somewhere new each time I woke up! And, I had to start the day at the childcare center at Lifetime which you know is not my favorite place at the moment. That just started everything off on a sour note. I love my friends, but who are we kidding. We both know who those playgroups are for. You can talk all you want about teaching me social skills, but let me tell you, I don't care about social skills right now. I just want to play in wood chips, walk around, climb things, and do boy stuff. In the future, please clear our schedule for the day with me first. After all, don't I come first?

Your loving son,


Playgroup at Mandy's house
Playing in the wood chips - I was just waiting for one of those to go in his mouth! (which of course it did, and then I had to fish it out)

"Parallel playing" as the parenting stuff says with Ally :)

Playgroup at Brittney and Quinn's house

As you can see, Reid was not happy with the photo shoot. (This was about what he did all day! Poor thing.)


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

love the letter...looks like y'all had such a fun and busy day!

TeamRiss said...

I love the note from Reid- it could have been penned by Cole too. :)

Poefam said...

Poor little man! Glad he let you know wha the was feeling! :)