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Saturday, May 24, 2008

How Does this Work?

Reid was at the back door, crying and banging on the blinds because he wanted to go outside, when I noticed that his hand moved to the door knob and he was trying to move it! It amazes me what babies take in without us even realizing it. :)


Amber, Brian, and Bryson said...

Bryson has started doing that too. Our garage door isn't a knob but a pull down handle. He can just almost open it. When we installed it we thought how much easier it would be to open when our hands were full. Guess we weren't thinking about future toddlers then, were we?

Poefam said...

Time to get those annoying little plastic things that go over door knobs! So cute! :)

Dunhams said...

Wow...he's so tall already! Time for some new babyproofing :)