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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we went over to my uncle's house in Prosper and saw most of our extended family. I am the oldest of all the cousins, and the cousins consist of all girls and 1 boy. So, you can imagine how Reid is the little prince seeing how few boys in our family there are! My dad has 2 brothers and they and my dad all had daughters. We always have a fun time when we get together and we all grew up close to each other. Now it's harder for everybody to get together because the youngest is now in college and so it's tough to coordinate schedules. But, we had a big cook-out/pool party for Memorial Day and it was so fun being together! In true "Reid fashion" he studied the pool water first, then was happy just kicking his legs in the water, and worked himself up to actually being in the pool! I was so excited because we start swim lessons in 2 weeks and I want him used to the water. I've learned that my son has to get used to something first and really study it before just "diving" on in. We had a great time spending Memorial Day with our family, and I loved having tons of babysitters around!!

The brothers and Nana and Papa

Testing out the water...

Getting used to being in the water

Made it in the water!!

Hanging out in the pool with the girls

We're all laughing because Reid went in for one of his "head-butt" hugs with his Aunt Brittany

Reid with cousins Kristen and Kinsey

Reid and his Aunt Courtney

Why can't I ever get him to look at the camera??!!

All the cousins with our Nana and Papa:
L ro R: Mallory, Nana, Reid, Me, Natalie, Brittany, Courtney, Kinsey, Kristen, Papa


Dunhams said...

So fun! That makes me miss all my family so much.

Collegegirl said...

Looks like you all had fun! By the way, Reid was looking at the camera some, just not with you:(

Donnell Days said...

Yea Reid for getting in the pool!! We can't wait for swimming lessons!! :)

Leslie said...

What a beautiful family! And that pool is awesome. Wouldn't you love to know what Reid is thinking when he is evaluating the situation? Kids are amazing!