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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fun Toys and Yummy Food

Kara had us all over to her house on Tuesday, and we had such a great time! The Wilsons have a media room upstairs that makes a great game room. The boys are all mobile, and so they loved sharing snacks, playing with the toys, chasing bubbles, laughing at Annie (the golden retriever), and their favorite, trying some yummy chocolate pudding! Kara made delicious chocolate, banana and cool whip parfeits and we gave some to our boys. We were laughing at how much like little birdies they were just waiting for the next bite with their mouths open. Check out Kara's blog for pictures of the little guys trying it! Thanks for a fun afternoon and for delicious snacks!! We missed you guys, Dena and Hudson!!

Thanks for the push, T!

Yum! I love this! Can I have this everyday???

Reid only slightly liked the pudding... :)

Just for fun, because I love flashback pictures, here's some pics from a few months ago:

Quinn, Hudson, Tanner, Porter, Reid

Reid, Hudson, Chapman, Tanner

And, pictures from this week. What will another few months look like???

Reid, Porter, Tanner, Chapman, Quinn


The Wilson Family said...

Such sweet boys! Thanks so much for coming over- we had so much fun with you, as always!!! I love the pic of Reid with pudding on his face- he is THE cutest thing ever! Love you guys!!!

Nicole said...

so cute...reid's eyes are killer!