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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lake Day

Today we took Reid out on the boat and he loved it! Well, I don't know about "love" but he sure was content! That's all we can ask for. We covered him in sunscreen, put his hat on, and even used a damp t-shirt to keep him covered because it was hot. (I didn't take the same precautions in my attempt to get some color and now my arms are sunburned!) At one point he was so relaxed that he fell asleep and was OUT for about 30 minutes. We stayed out on the lake for about 4 hours and then went and ate dinner, which brings me to what could amount to a whole other post. Pretty much the only sign that Reid does is the "all-done" sign which he now uses when he's finished with anything. It seems like we sit down at a restaurant, maybe eat some bread when he decides that he's "all-done" and then thinks that he gets to get out and go explore (which if he's with Mimi and Pop-Pop is true...well, let's face it, even if he's with Matt or me it happens in our effort to not cause a scene). So, we've decided that now he's at a good age to start teaching him that he doesn't get down if we're not finished eating, which is hard to do in a restaurant if he's crying and disturbing others, which means that we're going to try and not go out to eat for awhile and work on the teaching part at home during dinner. Fun! (haha)

Also this week we started swim lessons and it was so fun!!! We're taking them with Dena and Hudson, Amy and Porter, and Kara and Tanner. Unfortunately Tanner got sick the day of our first lesson and had to miss, but we can't wait for the next one and have him there with us. It's so much more fun to take them with our friends. I didn't like the pictures I took, so I'll take some next week.
All ready for my day on the boat!

Reid and his Pop-Pop

Reid loved "driving" the boat! He would give the steering wheel a good shake keeping his hands at 10 and 2 the entire time (well, it might have been more like 5 and 7)! :)

What does this button do, Daddy?

Mommy and Reid

All the rocking motion and engine noise and Reid was out like a light!

Matt trying to get some air

Matt's flip!


Carter's mommy said...

What fun! My in-laws are getting a boat and I know Carter will love it! I know what you mean about the resturaunt thing..Carter is usually finished eating by the time our food gets there and by that time he is in "throwing food on the floor mode" which is embarrassing. We are trying to work on out to dinner habbits as well. We don't want to be those people we used to get annoyed with pre-kids!

Hollie said...

I have to tell you...Reid is a beautiful little boy! Those pictures were too sweet! It looks like so much fun...oh, I love the water!!

You will have to let me know how the swim lessons go...and where you take them. I want to get Ky involved in them just hasn't happened yet. You have a precious family!

The Wilson Family said...

Hey! How much fun! We can't wait to go out on the boat with you guys! Reid looks so precious in all those pics- he is just too cute!! Looking so forward to swimming lessons on Tuesday! We were so sad to miss last week!

Leslie said...

Your family is so much fun! Y'll are always doing really cool suff. I love reading about it. If it makes you feel any better, Cody's Mia and Papa always walk him around too. Soon we will have to fight the same battle!

Donnell Days said...

What a fun day at the lake! I love the pictures of Reid "driving" the boat!! Good luck with the restaurant'll have to let all of us know what works when it is our turn!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

he is so darn cute! i love that he fell precious! we miss you guys!

Dunhams said...

That looked like such a fun day on the lake! I can't wait until we get to take Madeline out on the's seriously my favorite thing in the world :) Good luck on the restaurant stuff!