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Monday, July 28, 2008

Play Day

Today, Reid and I went over to Summer's house for a fun play date with some other friends. We always have such a great time being with our friends! Also, the toddlers are finally starting to play with each other! And, when I say "play with each other," I mean grab toys from each other, push each other, throw toys, so I guess we've got a few years before we'll really know the meaning of them playing together. :) And, a play day is not a play day without a group photo...our attempts at the classic couch picture:


Leslie said...

Oh my! One of my children looks horrible! I think the other, looks even worse. Yikes.
Fun playing with you and Reid.

The Wilson Family said...

I am cracking up just looking at these pictures! What a funny photo attempt we had! It just keeps getting harder & harder!

Mandy said...

Bo says it looks like a jail break. Hilarious pictures.

Summer, Justin, & Blake said...

Remember when we used to prop them up so easily for the group pic? And the biggest challenge was not letting them tilt to the side? That was a year ago ... so hard to believe. We had tons of fun with ya'll as always!!